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WELCOME to one of the most interesting and comprehensive wine resources on the web. If you are relatively new to wine, don't be intimidated by some of the seriously geeky bits: this site is designed to appeal to novices as well as long-term wine nuts. 
Jamie Goode

These are larger articles that don't fit the blog format.

Longridge: Stellenbosch Estate now making lovely naturally made wines under Jasper Raats (20/08/15)
Deirdre Heekin's La Garagista: natural wines from a biodynamic vineyard in Vermont (19/08/15)
Bergström: part 9, Oregon revisited (18/08/15)
Colene Clemens: part 8, Oregon revisited (16/08/15)
Thörle: new wave German wines from the Rheinhessen (12/08/15)
Black Elephant Vinters and Lynx: parts 2 and 3, Franschhoek (08/08/15)
Franschhoek: visiting this South African wine region, part 1 (06/08/15)
Visiting Germany's Ahr Valley: part 1, introduction and part 2, JJ Adeneuer (04/08/15)

See full history of additions

Updated daily, my blog contains shorter entries.

Alfredo Arribas and his SiurAlta wines, from high altitude Montsant, Spain
Champagne Pierre Péters Cuvée du Réserve Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru
Taberna do Mercado, Old Spitafields, London
On Champagne bubbles
Three lovely wines from Čotar, Slovenia
Gamay Focus 11, Château de Beauregard Fleurie Poncié 2013
In beer school with Meantime Brewery
Champagne R&L Legras Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru
Does extended maceration obscure terroir?
Gamay focus, 7 – Domaine des Hauts de Chasselay Coteaux du Lyonnais




jamie goodeJamie Goode is a UK-based wine journalist, book author and prolific blogger more...



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