Coddington Vineyard

codd1.jpg (57292 bytes)Lying west of the Malvern Hills in Herefordshire (in the middle of England), Coddington vineyard is one of the smaller commercial vineyards in the UK: it is quite literally a back-garden vineyard. Until recently winemaking took place off-site, but in the last few years a small winery has been built, so owners Denis and Ann Savage now have total control over the wines. Four grape varieties are grown: Bacchus, Kerner, Ortega and Pinot Gris. The wines are of a uniformly high standard. My only slight criticism is that presumably for logistic reasons, visitors have to taste from small plastic vials that do the wines no justice. As well as being of good quality, the wines are very well priced (4-6 per bottle).   
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The winery sits on top of the slope
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Vines waiting to be pruned
Codd4.jpg (65342 bytes)
Looking through the vines to the tasting cellar
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Orderly rows of vines in winter
Contact details:
Denis and Ann Savage
Coddington Vineyard
Near Ledbury
Herefordshire HR8 1JJ
Tel/Fax 01531 640 668