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The wines of Hogue Cellars
c/o Worldwide Wine Services, Wine Country Road, Prosser, Washington 99350
Phone: 001 201 891 8393 Fax: 001 201 891 8775
UK agents: Southern Wine Brands

Formed in 1982 by a successful asparagus and mint farming family, this is a large winery making some 400 000 cases of wine each year. The majority of these are solid, consistent commercial wines, but the 1996 Reserve Cabernet shows that they can also deliver at the premium end of the marketplace. The two vineyard selection wines, the Merlot and Chardonnay, are both good value for money at £8 a pop.

1999 Fumé Blanc
25 000 cases made. Full on nose of spice and boiled sweets. Fresh fruity palate. Technological. OK/good

1999 Chardonnay, Columbia Valley
50 000 cases made. Bright fruit and pear drops on the nose. Palate shows more bright fruit and a touch of spice. Good

1998 Vineyard Selection Chardonnay
50 000 cases. An intriguing nose showing ripe fruit and some toasty, spicy oak, and these follow through to the nicely balanced palate. Very good (retails for about £8)

1999 Cabernet Merlot
50-70 000 cases made each year. Blackcurrant fruit with a pronounced leafy edge dominates the nose. The palate is sweetly fruited with good balance. Good concentration; attractive. Very good (retails at about £7)

1998 Vineyard Selection Merlot
40 000 cases made. Quite a sophisticated wine with ripe fruit and oak in good balance. Noticeable tannins. Very good (retails at about £8)

1996 Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, Columbia Valley
Production of around 7000 cases. The nose shows ripe blackcurrant fruit with a leafy edge and some spicy oak. There's ripe dense fruit on the palate -- an attractive wine. Very good+

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