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Different closure types used in the AWRI
wine bottle closure trial

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Four different types of cork. Left to right: a good quality one-piece cork;
 a 'Twintop' technical cork with agglomerated cork paritcles sandwiched 
between two discs of real cork at either end; an Altec-style agglomerate cork 
made up of cork particles glued together; and a lower quality one-piece cork

  • ROTE (roll-on tamper evident): this is a screwcap, of the sort found on blended whisky bottles and their ilk. In Australia they are commonly known by the brand name 'Stelvin'.
  • 'Reference 2' cork: a 44 mm length natural cork
  • 'Reference 3' cork: a 38 mm length natural cork
  • Altec: a 'technical cork' or agglomerate, made from little bits of cork glued together (made by Sabaté)
  • One-plus-one 'Twintop': a technical cork made by sandwiching and agglomerate cork between two discs of natural cork (made by Amorim)

Moulded synthetic corks (where plastic is squeezed into a mould):

  • Aegis (Southcorp)
  • Auscork
  • Betacorque
  • Integra
  • Supremecorq
  • Tage

Extruded synthetic corks (plastic core is extruded, coated and then chopped up):

  • NuKork
  • Nomacorc

 corkt3.jpg (22727 bytes)
Three different synthetic corks, the first two of
 the moulded type and the third extruded.