The pick of the wine websites


  • Winesearcher is a brilliant resource that allows you to search for a particular wine through the lists of thousands of merchants worldwide. There's a pay version that's worth the small premium.
  • Able Grape: dedicated wine search engine. Great resource.
  • Tom Cannavan's a long-standing UK-based site hosting an active wine discussion forum.   
  • Jancis Robinson is increasingly focusing her attention on her impressive website. With a pay-to-view section, Purple pages, but there's enough free stuff to make this worth visiting.
  • Robin Garr's wine lover's page is a large US-based wine site with varied content, but I go there for the excellent Wine Lovers Discussion Group.
  • is a pay site which contains an archive of Robert Parker's tasting notes and ratings. Parker is undoubtedly the world's most influential fine wine critic. It's also the new home of Mark Squires' bulletin board. 
  • is the online home of the brilliant World of Fine Wine magazine. You should be subscribing to it.
  • is the best way of keeping up with what's going on in the South African wine scene. 
  • South Africa's groundbreaking top 100 wine competition:
  • Chris Kissack's site, the winedoctor is regularly updated and well written. UK-based.
  • is the online presence of Burgundy nut Bill Nanson, and ex-pat Brit now working in Basle. Useful and well put together. Bill also authors the superb burgundy report
  • Fiona Beckett is a food and wine journalist with her own website devoted to matching the two:
  • Neal Martin's was a great site - so much so that Neal was hired by Robert Parker as a wine critic at large, and so this site will continue only as part of Parker's subscription website. Neal has recently re-launched his diary of a winetaster with free access. 
  • is my nascent wine book publishing venture.
  • a site designed to complement my Wine Science book.
  • is UK magazine Decanter's website. Editor Adam Lechmere has developed it into probably the world's best site for wine news. 
  • University of California Press publishers of my Wine Science book in the USA.
  • Wine Business International is a trade title launched in September 2006.
  • is musician and serious wine nut Joe Belmaati's growing community of fine wine lovers.
  • contains the collected tasting notes of British-based wine-loving brothers Richard and Toby Bailey. It represents an extensive, searchable collection of fine wine notes. The UK's answer to Frasier and Niles?
  • is well-known Aussie wine critic Jeremy Oliver's site
  • The Cephas photolibrary contains Mick Rock's excellent wine photographs. 
  • UK drinks writer Jim Budd has put together an impressive resource detailing the rogues and swindlers who encourage people to invest in drinks, at
  • The Pinotage Club, a site devoted to this South African varietal, is certainly aiming at a niche market! It is an excellent site and well worth a visit.
  • is home of the excellent Australian Wine Research Institute
  • Another important wine science site is the UC Davis department of Viticulture and Enology
  • Tyler Colman's wine blog is one of the best

See also: my online directory of UK wine merchants and directory of wine accessories cellar solutions and holidays which include links to the best places to buy wine and wine-related items in the UK.

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