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Nick Alabaster
UK-based wine lover Nick Alabaster has been collecting wine since the early 1990s, having donned his proverbial anorak. Nick's broad knowledge of fine wine extends from the classic regions of France to Australia and California. Coming from a background of developing software for the financial services sector, in his column he brings some of his fresh perspectives on the world of wine -- he's got some interesting things to say.
Nick can be contacted at nick.alabaster@ntlworld.com


  • When is a wine fault not a wine fault?
    It's an interesting question: just where do you draw the line between a wine 'fault' and a feature that adds complexity or interest. And some wines can get away with characteristics that would be faults in another context. 
  • What is a fine wine?
    Nick disputes whether he should be billed as a 'fine wine' expert. But what is 'fine wine' anyway? Can it be defined in a useful way?
  • Overnight wine storage
    Don't know what to do with that half bottle you couldn't finish? Nick gives his verdict on the different wine storage options. 
  • Things can only get better? The inexact science of wine ageing
    Nick tackles the frustratingly complex subject of ageing wine, and looks at the features in a young wine that might suggest it has a long life ahead of it.
  • Why old world wine is better than new
    Nick Alabaster and Jamie Goode discuss the relative merits of old and new world wines in this fascinating debate.
  • The importance of glasses
    Undoubtedly one of the most important factors affecting the taste of the wine is the glass it is served in. Nick Alabaster emphasizes the importance of correct glassware if you are going to get the best out of the gems in your cellar, and makes some recommendations about what to buy if you are looking to experiment with stemware.
  • Wine trends and buzzwords
    Neologists unite! Nick takes us on a tour through some of the new trends and buzzwords that are currently gaining ground in the world of wine.
  • Cellaring wine: the lessons of experience
    There comes a stage when many wine-lovers realize that they want to start building their own cellar, for future drinking pleasure. Nick shares his tips for collecting wine, based on his own experience over the last decade, which he hopes will help others avoid some of the hidden pitfalls.
  • Rating wine
    The practice of rating wines is currently a matter of some controversy, but it is nothing new. Starting with the 1855 classification of Bordeaux, Nick takes a look at the whole area of rating wines, and asks whether wine scores have any meaning.