The wines of Domaine des Corbillières, Touraine, Loire
Superb wines from a small estate in Oisly, in the Touraine region of the Loire

Dominique Barbou


Dominique Barbou is a rather shy, meticulous winegrower, who farms 26 hectares of vines in Oisly, 8 of them red. His great grandfather, Fabel Barbou, was the first to bring Sauvignon to the region: he'd planted a vine against his house, apparently, and noticed how well it grew.

Barbou works with natural yeasts, and although he's not organic, he doesn't use any chemical fertilizers, just organic material. 

The top Sauvignon, Fabel Barbou, is part of the brand new appellation Touraine Oisly. The soils here are quite poor, with quite a bit of sand over the clays typical of the Sologne region, and with plenty of stones. 


Domaine des Corbillières 'Fabel Barbou' 2011 Touraine Oisly, Loire, France
Very fresh, lively and quite pure with lovely citrus, pear and mineral characters. Nice weight, with some delicacy. 90/100

Domaine des Corbillières 'Fabel Barbou' 2007 Touraine, Loire, France
Lovely supple, bright wine with minerals, some grapefruit, a touch of tangerine and some melony richness. Beginning to develop some lovely complexity. 92/100

Domaine des Corbillières 'Fabel Barbou' 1996 Touraine, Loire, France
Wonderfully complex with subtle toast, spice, tangerine and pear characters. Nice freshness for an older wine, combining richness, purity and mineral complexity. Fantastic wine. 94/100

Domaine des Corbillières Les Desmoiselles Rouge 2009 Touraine, Loire, France
A blend of Malbec, Pinot Noir and Cabernet Franc. Supple, bright, fresh and elegant cherry and plum fruit. No rough edges and a bit of tannic bite. Nice purity. 89/100

Domaine des Corbillières Les Desmoiselles Rouge 2010 Touraine, Loire, France
Bright, supple and sappy with some green notes as well as vivid cherry and plum fruit. Good acidity. Nice precision and drinkability. 88/100

Domaine des Corbillières Les Dames Rouge 2009 Touraine, Loire, France
90% Pinot Noir, 10% Malbec. Dense, structured and powerful with some noticeable oak

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