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Spotlight on Madeira 
HM Borges

H.M. Borges, Sucrs. Lda., Rua 31 de Janeiro, no 83, 9050-011 Funchal, Madeira
Tel: +351 291 223 247
E-mail: hmborges@mail.telepac.pt

Three wines tried from this producer: two rather ho-hum 5 year olds and a very tasty 15 year old Malmsey.

5 Year Old ‘Reserve Dry’
Deep coloured. Rich, caramelly nose leads to a slightly rustic, nutty palate with quite a bit of sugar. Tasty in a medium sweet style, despite the ‘dry’ designation. Very good 80/100

5 Year Old ‘Reserve Medium Sweet’
Deep brown colour. Sweet and caramelly  with some acidity and nuttiness on the palate. Not terribly complex. Good/very good 79/100

Malmsey 15 year old
Very deep colour. Rich, raisiny nose. Lovely richness on the palate, which shows complex raisiny caramelly flavours with good acidity and a spicy finish. Good length. Very good+ 87/100

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