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Spotlight on Madeira 

A high quality producer with an impressive range of old vintages. The commercial three-year old wines are nice enough, but the real fun is to be had with the older wines.

d’Oliveras Three year old Madeira Seco
Light colour. Fresh, lemony edge to the nose. Some lemony, caramelly notes on the palate with an appealing open, nutty finish. Dry. Very good+ 85/100

d’Oliveras Three year old Sweet Madeira
Sweet, raisiny, caramelly nose. Viscous simple and sweet on the palate with a toffeeish character. Good/very good 79/100

d’Oliveras 1971 Sercial
Quite light orange–brown colour. Caramelly, spicy nose with an acid lift. The palate is quite rich and dry with nice, nutty, spicy complexity and good acidity. Very pleasant. Very good+ 89/100

d’Oliveras Reserva Verdelho 1966
Pale brown with a yellow tint. Quite a complex spicy, lemony nose with marmaladey hints. Good concentration on the rich palate which is medium-sweet with good acidity. Nice length and a really impressive acidic finish framing things well. Very good/excellent 90/100

d’Oliveras Boal 1978
Deep orange–brown. Rich, spicy caramelly nose. The palate is complex and rich textured. It shows spicy herb-tinged caramel and raisin notes with some burnt sugar and good acidity. Very good/excellent 90/100

d’Oliveras Malvasia Colheita 1987
Intense, sweet, herby nose is rich and caramelly. The palate is sweet and rich with nice raising, caramelly complexity, together with a herby edge. Very good+ 88/100

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