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Majestic Fine Burgundy parcel: hurry to snap up some bargains

posted August 2nd 2005

Many readers of this site will remember the 'Swedish Parcel' at Majestic back in 2000 - the buying team managed to get hold of some distressed stock (the state monopoly had over-bought) and offered it to customers at very good prices. In fact, so good were the prices that these wines caused a feeding frenzy at stores. 

Now they seem to have done it again, this time with a parcel of Burgundies. Nick Dagley, Majestic's Fine Wine Buyer (pictured), has managed to secure what Majestic refer to as 'a stunning parcel of rare mature red and white Burgundies from an exciting range of quality producers.' 

How did they get it? 'The wine was originally bought on release by a now-defunct off-shore investment fund, which stored it in the famous purpose-built Pool Logistics warehouse in Meursault. However, they discovered that whilst top Burgundies make excellent drinking wines, they rarely turn a profit, so the wines have lain undisturbed for several years in excellent conditions.'

How much is there? 'The parcel includes some 500 wines in total and, because of the complexity of the purchase, Nick was able to negotiate a fantastic deal, thus giving our customers the opportunity to buy and drink exceptional wines, at a fraction of their usual market price. Examples include:

  • 1er Cru St-Aubins from £5.99
  • Meursaults from £9.99
  • Puligny-Montrachets from £12.99
  • Vosne-Romanées amd 1er Cru Volnays from £14.99

The wines are from a range of well-known and respected producers such as Vincent Girardin, Bouchard Père et Fils, Olivier Leflaive, Marc Colin, Colin Déleger, Dominique Laurent, Bernard Morey and Domaine Verget ranging from village wines right up to impressive 1er Cru and Grand Cru wines, the vast majority being of vintages 1997 to 2000.'

Majestic add that 'due to the fragmented nature of the parcel each Majestic store will receive its own selection - not all wines are available in all stores.' So the big question will be how thinly this offer will be spread among stores. If the Swedish parcel is anything to go by, then it could well be worth making a special trip to Majestic to load up on Burgundy.  

These wines won't be available on the internet, so you'll just have to keep your fingers crossed your local store has been lucky. 'The vast majority of the stores should be receiving their allocations later on this week', says Majestic's PR person Donna Morrison, 'apart from the Scottish stores which won't be until next week now'. 

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