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Special Beaujolais deal at Majestic:
do your own terroir experiment

Majestic Wine are currently running an excellent Beaujolais deal, with a case that includes a Beaujolais, a Beaujolais Villages and all ten Beaujolais crus from Georges Duboeuf for £59.95. I would probably be letting anorak readers down if I was to suggest that the ubiquitous Duboeuf is the best producer in each of these crus, but for the equivalent of £4.99 a bottle (a saving of £20 on the case), this is sensational value. Best of all, since these wines are all from the same producer and grape variety but different vineyard sites, this case offers a wonderful chance to examine the influence of terroir, that most elusive of concepts. What better way to spend a couple of evenings than by opening a few bottles and tasting the differences between each of the different crus.  

The case consists of one bottle of each of the following:

Beaujolais Villages
Côtes du Brouilly
Saint Amour
Moulin à Vent

Contact details: see the Majestic Wine website to find your closest branch, or order online.

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