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Historical photos from the Douro

A series of pictures from Portugal's spectacular Douro region taken from the archive at Quinta dos Malvedos, which belongs to Port house Graham's. These pictures date to the first decade of the 20th century. Pictures are posted at low resolution; click on thumbnails for larger versions. (High resolution versions of these pictures available.)

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Before the Douro was dammed in the 1970s it was very different.
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The river level is now much higher
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The hard work of harvesting grapes by hand
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Once the wines were made they were shipped to Porto by boat, in barrel. This was quite a journey, including some rapids. It would have been quite hazardous.
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These same lagares, at Malvedos, are still in use today for foot-treading grapes for Port
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Ox were used to move the pipes of Port. A brilliant picture.
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