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Announcing the launch of the Portuguese wine club 

If you are a genuine wine nut, the chances are you'll already have discovered that Portugal produces a fascinating array of wine styles that, with the exception of Port, are generally under-appreciated outside of Portugal. And without wishing to knock the existing websites, it does seem that English language resources on Portuguese wines are fairly scarce. 

For a while now I have wanted to address this deficiency, and this is the idea behind the launch of the Portuguese wine club: to provide a growing body of information about these interesting wines, and a place for like-minded wine geeks to share their information. If you have an interest in the wines of Portugal—whether it is a lifelong obsession, or just pure curiosity—you are very welcome to join in.

Starting a separate site dedicated to Portugal's wines is definitely a labour of love. Unlike the wine anorak, which has enough readers to support advertising, I don't imagine that such a niche site will ever generate a great deal of traffic. But it's a subject that fascinates me. We're starting fairly small, but I hope to add material on a consistent basis, and given sufficient interest it would be fun to have a bulletin board too. Let me know what you think.

On to www.portuguesewines.org.uk 

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