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Pinot Noir: the New Zealand story

By John Saker, photography by Aaron McClean (Random House New Zealand 2011)

This beautifully illustrated book describes New Zealand's vibrant Pinot Noir scene. The photography, which makes up almost half of the book, is excellent, bringing the text to life, and Saker has an easy, clear writing style that is a pleasure to read.

The book falls naturally into two parts. The first 100 or so pages gives an introduction to Pinot Noir in general and traces the history of this variety in New Zealand. The rest of the text is given over to profiles of the key regions and producers.

I'm a big fan of Kiwi Pinot Noir, which is currently at an exciting stage of development, with great wines being made across several different wine regions, each with their own special characteristics. Saker captures the buzz of the Kiwi Pinot Noir scene very well, and this attractive, accessible, well written book is highly recommended.  

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