Food and wine matching is often cast as a rather mysterious science, but in truth it is actually quite simple, and the experimentation involved is great fun. I have often thought that the highest purpose for a wine is for it to be drunk with food in a situation where both complement each other, and it still amazes me how often a rather humble wine will synergize with a food match in a profound way.

  • Matching wine and food at Gymkhana
    Gymkhana is one of London's most celebrated restaurants. I get to sample its amazing food matched with wines chosen by sommelier Su Sethi.
  • All about coffee
    A report on a seminar by coffee expert James Hoffmann
  • Benares wine dinner 
    Does fine wine go with Indian food? I visit one of London's most celebrated Indian restaurants, where wine is taken very seriously indeed.
  • Sheeps cheese, a workshop
    A brilliant opportunity to find out what the UK's leading ewes' milk cheese makers are doing.
  • Wine for spice
    A new company has set out to market wines that match with curry. Do they work?
  • Wine and cheese: do they work together?
    Jamie Goode attends an interesting, in-depth tasting with Randolph Hodgson of Neal's Yard and Jancis Robinson
  • Chinese tea
    A masterclass with Ed Eisler of Jing Tea, looking at the range of styles available.
  • Food for fine wine
    It's time to open a special bottle. But what do you eat with a fine, complex wine?
  • Wine and TV matching
    Most wine isn't consumed with food but at the table. Which wines go best with which TV programs?
  • What makes a good restaurant?
    Jamie Goode gives his personal ingredients for a good experience when eating out
  • Acidity is the key
    Which single flavour component enables a wine to match well with a variety of foods? Jamie Goode reckons it's acidity.
  • Fish
    Some thoughts about matching wines with fish. 
  • What wine with lightly-seared tuna steaks?
    Picking a wine to go with lovely fat, pink tuna steaks proves a challenge
  • The problem with desserts
    I have a bit of a problem with desserts - or 'puddings' as we used to call them when I was a kid. It's not that I don't enjoy them; rather, I find it difficult to match wines with them
  • How important is food and wine matching?
    Four divergent views are compared: are you a pragmatist, an anarchist, a nihilist or a legalist?
  • Wine with fish
    Two unoaked whites make a great match with a fishy dinner.
  • The great restaurant rip-off
    Why do UK restaurants routinely mark up their wines by 300-400% of the retail price? I grumble. A response from restaurant owner Chris Chown has also been added to this article: hear the other side of the story.
  • Time for a rosé revival?
    Rosé wines may be horribly unfashionable, but they make great summer wines and are a surprisingly good food match.
  • Wine and Asian food: do they match?
    Is it possible to find wines that match well with heavily spiced Asian dishes?  I'm a sceptic - but I'm willing to be proved wrong.
  • Pork tenderloin in Marsala sauce
    A potentially difficult dish is paired with two Chenin blancs, a Riesling and a Dão.
  • Versatile food wines
    Some inexpensive wines that make versatile partners for a wide range of food dishes.
  • Problem pairings: Salmon steaks and asparagus in Hollandaise sauce. I try to find something that will go with this simple meal that is potentially a difficult one to pair with wine.
  • Fondue time!
    Most of us have got a fondue set lying neglected in a dark corner of a cupboard. We get ours out, and find a sublime wine match with a delicious cheese fondue


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