Mosel Riesling GG 2015 tasting
49 Mosel Grosses Gewächs from the 2016 VDP tasting in Wiesbaden, Germany

The 2016 VDP tasting of the Grosses Gewächs (GGs) was a special occasion, and I’ve written about it here on my blog. Below are notes on 49 Riesling GGs from the Mosel, all from the highly regarded 2015 vintage. These wines are, of course, just babies at the moment, and their true qualities will become apparent with a few years’ bottle age. But it was great to be able to try them in such well controlled conditions in this comparative format. 

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Heymann-Löwenstein Hatzenport Kirchberg Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Very dry and tight with crisp, slightly pithy lemony fruit. Real intensity here with zippy lemony acidity and subtle waxy overtones. Extremely tight and acidic. 91/100                                                                               

Heymann-Löwenstein Hatzenport Stolzenberg Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
There's an openness to the waxy citrus fruit here, as well as a bit of toffeed sweetness. Pure and linear with lovely focus and freshness to the citrus fruits. Has some generosity. 91/100                                                                                  

Heymann-Löwenstein Winningen Röttgen Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Supple and open with a lovely cabbagey edge to the textured lemon and pear fruit. Has nice taut acidity but it's quite generous already with lovely depth of flavour. 92/100                                                                                  

Heymann-Löwenstein Winningen Uhlen "Blaufüßer Lay" Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Waxy and detailed with some herbiness to the slightly nutty citrus fruit. Has some ripe apple character here and an appealing waxiness on the finish. 93/100                                                                                   

Heymann-Löwenstein Winningen Uhlen "Laubach" Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Fresh pear and white peach fruit here with nice purity and a textural, broad citrussy palate with plenty of detail. Nice finish. 93/100                                                                                

Clemens Busch Pünderich Marienburg Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Complex, tight, lemony and very fresh with a pronounced citrus focus, but also lovely stony minerality. Lovely purity here with real detail and very high acidity. Lovely wine. 93/100                                                                            

Clemens Busch Pünderich Marienburg "Rothenpfad" Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Extremely stony and mineral with lively, zippy acidity and a lovely savoury, stony, green apple and lemon personality. So precise and detailed. 93/100                                                                            

Clemens Busch Pünderich Marienburg "Fahrlay" Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
This is fresh with good acidity. There's a lovely lemony core with tight acid and structure and some white flower and nectarine prettiness adding interest. Lovely concentration and purity. There's a transparency here to this wine. 94/100                                                                         

Clemens Busch Pünderich Marienburg "Falkenlay" Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Such a delicate, tight, precise wine. Stones, rocks, lemons and minerals. So harmonious. 94/100                                                                             

Dr Loosen Erden Treppchen Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Harmonious and broad with white peach and pears to the fore, as well as ripe apple notes. Very textured and generous with great concentration, nice complexity and some stoniness on the finish. Lovely breadth of flavour here. Harmony. 94/100                                                                             

Dr Loosen Erden Prälat Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Waxy, mineral nose with a hint of cabbage under the succulent pear and melon fruit. Complex and broad, but still youthful and quite profound, showing a bit of tension under the ripe fruit. Quite lovely. 95/100                                                                                 

Dr Loosen Ürzig Würzgarten Riesling    GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Really linear, stony and acidic with crisp lemony fruit and some tight herby notes. Zippy and detailed with nice weight and focus. It has high acidity but it integrates well. Lovely balance here. 94/100                                                                            

Schloss Lieser Wehlen Sonnenuhr Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Smoky, herby, slightly reductive citrus fruits with intense stony notes. Lively lemony finish. 90/100                                                                                   

Dr Loosen Wehlen Sonnenuhr Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Distinctive, mineral and focused with some generous pear and apple notes alongside herb-tinged, slightly cabbagey lemony fruit. Detailed. 92/100                                                                                

S. A. Prüm Wehlen Sonnenuhr "Alte Reben" Reserve Riesling GG 2014 Mosel, Germany
Highly aromatic, pretty peach, apricot and melon fruit with some honey characters. Extremely fruity and intense in a pretty, fruity, exotic style with nice lemony acidity and a hint of sweetness. 94/100                                                                        

S. A. Prüm Wehlen Sonnenuhr "Alte Reben"   Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Lovely tropical nose with some candied citrus fruit and pretty pear-drop characters on the palate. Very fruity and attractive. 92/100                                                                                

Geheimrat J Wegeler Wehlen Sonnenuhr Riesling GG Mosel, Germany
Stony, lively and fruity with pear drops and lemons. Nicely generous with some vitality. Lots of fruit here. 90/100                                                                                   

Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt Graach Josephshöfer Riesling GG Mosel, Germany
Tight, waxy and a bit nutty with  compact, linear citrussy fruit. Attractive in a restrianed style. 91/100                                                                                   

Schloss Lieser Graach Himmelreich Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Reductive, mineral nose leads to a tight, taut palate with stony, herb-tinged citrus fruit. Very bright and angular, this needs to settle down a bit. 89/100                                                                          

Dr Loosen Graach Himmelreich Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Herby and waxy with a lively, stony palate and some lurking white peach fruit, built aroud a citrus core. A little awkward and spicy right now. Distinctive. 90/100                                                                              

Dr Loosen Graach Domprobst Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Generous, fruity and mid-weight with pear and white peach, as well as a bit of citrussy acidity. Rounded texture on the mid-palate with a stony finish. 90/100                                                                             

S. A. Prüm Graach Domprobst "Prevot" Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Very attractive, mineral and fruit in harmony with a slight cabbage edge to the pretty pear, melon and nectarine fruit. Distinctive and appealing with lovely harmony between the broad fruit and stony minerality. 93/100                                                                         

Geheimrat J. Wegeler Bernkastel Doctor Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Lively with a pronounced herby, savoury edge to the concentrated spicy citrus and pear fruit. Lovely concentration and depth here with great focus to the fruit. Hint of sweetness. 93/100                                                                         

Firtz Haaag Brauneberg Juffer Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Lively and focused. Very bright lemony fruit with real compactness and focus but also some richer, more tropical notes adding appeal. Very stony, bright and mineral. 94/100                                                                                 

Fritz Haag Brauneberg Juffer-Sonnenuhr Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Smoky lemony nose is really appealing. The palate is vivid and fresh with amazing precision. So tight and primary, but so much potential, with lovely fruit and a fabulous, tegrated acid core.                                                                                 

Reihnold Haart Piesport Goldtröpfchen Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Very fresh and stony with zippy, clean lemony fruit. Lively acidity here. Quite acidic and lemony and very primary with a brightness to the palate. 92/100                                                                         

Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt Piesport Goldtröpfchen Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Waxy, cabbagey and stony with linear apple and pear fruit as well as some nuttiness. Has a distinctive savouriness, and a rounded personality. 91/100                                                                                 

Reinhold Haart Piesport Grafenberg Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Stony and focused with nice lemony fruit. Linear, zippy, with some herbal characters alongside the sweet lemon and grapefruit. Restrained and primary. 90/100                                                                                 

Reinhold Haart Wintrich Ohligsberg Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany 
Clean, pure and lemony with lovely keen acidity. Verging on the austere, but give it time to fill out. Lovely mineral detail here, and admirable purity. 93/100                                                                            

Schloss Lieser Lieser Niederberg Helden Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Smoky, reductive, mineral nose. The palate has some reduction to the tight lemony fruit. Lots of potential here but for now it is quite challenging. 92/100                                                                            

Grans-Fassian Dhron Hofberg Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Generous pear and melon notes as well as some cabbage and herb characters on the nose. The palate is generous, concentrated, yet fresh with lovely melon and citrus fruit. Really appealing. 93/100                                                                                  

Grans Fassian Trittenheim Apotheke Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Honeyed and ripe with melon and pear fruit. Rich, broad, ripe and very fruity with real generosity to the fruit. Some apricot, too. 92/100                                                                               

Grans Fassian Leiwen Laurentiuslauy Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Generous and quite broad with a melony edge to the pear fruit. Has richness and generosity with attractive depth of fruit. Nice spicy finish. 92/100                                                                              

Van Volxem Wawern Goldberg Riesling 2015 GG Mosel, Germany
Generous, complex nose of candied citrus peel and spice. The palate is racy and linear with great concentration of taut citrus fruit. Very fine, detailed and linear with amazing precision. High acid. 95/100                                                                                  

Von Othegraven Kanzem Altenberg Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Subtle herb and cabbage nose to the focused lemon and pear fruit on the palate. Some ripe apple, too. Lovely weight and focus here with nice complexity. Keen acidity. 93/100                                                                        

Van Volxem Wiltingen Volz Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Fresh and vital with pithy lemony fruit and zippy acidity. Tongue-tingling and concentrated, this has great potential. 94/100                                                                             

Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt Wiltingen Scharzfhofberger Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Honied candyfloss nose leads to a herb-tinged, lemony, nutty palate with apples and lemons. 90/100                                                                                   

Van Volxem Wiltingen Scharzhofberger Riesling GG 2014 Mosel, Germany
Powerful, dense and slightly herbal with robust, savoury citrus and pear fruit. Very dense and pithy with lots of personality. Lots of everything. Savoury and dry. 91/100                                                                                

Forstmeister Geltz-Zilliken Saarburg Rausch Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Honied appley nose. Open apple and lemon fruit on the palate. Fruity style with some appeal. 90/100                                                                                   

Peter Lauer Ayl Kupp Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Lively, tight and lemony with keen acidity. Very fresh and detailed. Some herbal undertones and notes of wax. 89/100                                                                                

Peter Lauer Ayl Schonfels Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Juicy, waxy and lemony with nice focus to the fruit. Zippy and with some pithiness, and really taut acidity. Lemony finish. 90/100                                                                           

von Othegraven Ockfen Bockstein Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
There's a nice melony, slightly herby pear and citrus fruit charactrer here. Juicy and taut with lovely focus. 90/100                                                                                  

St. Urbans-Hof Ockfen Bockstein Riesling GG Mosel, Germany
Plenty of personality here: ripe pear and apple fruit with a lovely lemony core. Stony and long with a lovely minerality. Subtle cabbage, too. 92/100                                                                        

Peter Lauer Schoden Saarfeilser Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Textural, fresh but with some breadth to the apple, pear and citrus fruit. A touch of tangerine. Fresh with a nice long lemony finish. 91/100                                                                         

St. Urbans-Hof Schoden Saarfeilser Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Lovely precision here to the candied citrus fruits with some lemony acidity on the palate. Has nice weight and focus with lovely purity to the fruit. Pretty wine. 92/100                                                                                

Karthäuserhof Eitelsbach Karthäuserhofberg Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Smoky, mineral nose with lovely lemony precision on the palate. Very fresh and detailed with high acidity. Pristine fruit. 91/100                                                                               

Maximin Grünhaus Mertesdorf Abtsberg Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Linear and detailed with herb-tinged lemony fruit and notes of wax and lanolin. Juicy and precise with lovely focus. Complex, herb-tinged and needing a long time in bottle to resolve. 92/100                                                                                 

Maximin Grünhaus Mertesdorf Herrenberg Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Detailed, pure, vital and lemony with great balance between the generous citrus fruit and the high acidity. Lovely tension here, and subtle waxiness under the fruit. 93/100                                                                                   

Reichsgraf von Kesselstatt Kasel Nies'chen Riesling GG 2015 Mosel, Germany
Herb and cabbage notes alongside the lemons and pears. Nice detail with some richness and a bit of baked apple sweetness. 90/100                                                                           

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