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The wines of Amity Vineyards
18150 Amity Vineyards Road, Amity, Oregon 97101
Tel: 001 509 525 0940 Fax: 001 509 525 2775
UK agent: Pimlico Dozen

I was quite impressed by this producer. In particular, they are making some nice light-style Pinot Noir.

1999 Oregon Riesling
There's a striking herbaceous note to the nose, with some citrus/flowery notes. Fresh, bright and spicy on the palate. Very good+

1998 Oregon Gewurztraminer
Pleasant rounded wine with rich fruit and a honeyed edge. Nice stuff. Very good

1998 Willamette Valley Pinot Noir
Quite pale in colour with a muted nose and nicely balanced palate of strawberry/cherry fruit. Good balance and attractive, but a light style. Very good

1996 Winemaker's Reserve Pinot Noir
Quite light coloured with a spicy nose of strawberry and cherry fruit. The palate shows notes of tobacco and a pleasant earthiness. A restrained, balanced wine. Very good+

1997 Oregon Select Pinot Noir
Herby cherry nose leads to an attractive balanced palate. Very good

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