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La Vigneronne's wine tastings:
London's best? 

Living in London, there's no shortage of freebie trade tastings to attend, but in my book the finest tastings programme in the capital is the one offered by Kensington merchants La Vigneronne. With several events each month, ranging from stand up swirl and sniff events to more involved sit-down tutored tastings, there's something to interest everyone. Prices are very reasonable for the wines on offer, which rather refreshingly are not restricted to stuff La Vigneronne is trying to sell, and range from £15 for a typical Languedoc tasting to £100+ for a first growth-style line-up. And while the La Vigneronne cellars, where the tasting are held, are not the grandest surroundings, they are perfectly adequate. The only snag is that you have to book up early as most of the events sell up fast: they are announced a couple of months in advance, so you'll need to get on the mailing list if you aren't already on it. (Just in case the more cynical readers are thinking that this glowing praise is prompted by some dark conflict of interest, I have no commercial connection with La Vigneronne and I pay my own way for the vast majority of the tastings I attend: I just think they are great events.)  

Tasting notes from La Vigneronne events

Contact details:

La Vigneronne, 105 Brompton Road, London SW7 3LE (3 minutes walk from South Kensington tube station)

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