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The wines of Quinta do Portal, Douro, Portugal

PO Box 52057, 4202-801 Porto, Douro, Portugal
Website: www.quintadoportal.com E-mail: info@quintadoportal.pt
UK agent: Charles Hawkins (01572 823 030)

Portal is a table wine Quinta in the Douro which has been making wine since 1994, with the aid of consultant oenologist Pascal Chatonnet. Chatonnet told me that his recent focus has been to spend more time in the vineyards than in the winery, trying to get this side of things right. The quality here is good, but none of the wines really excited me, with a bit too much herbiness and not enough ripeness in many of them. However, the more recent vintages seem to be more on-track than the older ones, and so if they keep improving Id be happy to revise my judgement at a later date.

Quinta do Portal Grande Reserva 1996
Evolved herby nose. The palate is quite light, with herby fruit, high acidity and a spicy edge. Old fashioned. Very good 83/100

Quinta do Portal Grande Reserva 2000
Forward, appealing tarry herby fruit on the nose, with some sweetness. The palate is dense, chewy, spicy, herby and quite rich. Good acidity. Very good+ 88/100

Quinta do Portal Grande Reserva 2001
Vivid fruit on the nose with a tarry edge. Dense, chewy palate with a nice weight of fruit. Quite elegant and showing good balance. Very good+ 89/100

Quinta do Portal Tinta Roriz 2000
Ripe, spicy, herby berry fruit nose. Richly fruited. The palate has a good concentration of rich, spicy fruit. Nicely put together. Very good+ 88/100

Quinta do Portal Touriga Nacional 2000
Vivid, open, herby spicy fruit dominates here. Distinctly herby. Very good+ 85/100

Quinta do Portal Reserva 1999
Distinctive spicy, tarry, herby nose. The palate is chewy, dense and spicy with some firm tannins. Quite vivid. Very good+ 86/100

Quinta do Portal 2000
Some herby, taut berry fruit on the nose. Chewy, crunchy palate has a spicy edge. Very good 84/100

Frontania 2000
Distinctly herby nose leads to a spicy palate. A little dilute but some Douro character here. Very good 82/100

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