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Back labels, continued

At last: a producer who has taken as much care with their back label as they have with the front. Again, there is a tear off strip so you can remember the wine if you liked it. Not so keen on the rather patrician 'DRINK RESPONSIBLY' message. Nice descriptive paragraph about the wine.
I like the design here: front and back labels are combined as one, and very elegantly, for this southern French white. A wine with a stylish label like this has a lot to live up to.
Lanson's back label is sylish, matching the front label design, and is bilingual. But it lets sitself down badly with a typo in the third line of the second paragraph. 
Nice use of humour on the back label of this southern French red.  
This information-dense offering from Co-op includes a list of ingredients. Grown-up advice about drinking in pregnancy, too.

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