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The New Barossa
Part 11: Magnum dinner

I couldn't resist adding the notes from the Magnum dinner, held at Vintners restaurant on the Friday night of my visit. Too much wine, which is why my notes kind of ran out. I apologise for the pictures. Some really good wines. I think the food was really good, too, although memories are vague.

The gathered crew. Apologies for names forgotten. Left side: Chippy, Jason Schwarz, Kym Teusner (white shirt leaning in), Dan Standish, Vanessa (Kym's partner) and others (can't pick out). Right side: the daughter of St Hallett's Stuart Blackwelll, Jaysen Collins, Jaysen's partner, dude from Elderton, dude from Langmeil, me (barely visible), Travis O'Callaghan's is the head sticking up, and at the head of the table is Christian (from Rusden).

Elderton Friends Riesling 2004 Eden Valley, Australia
Very pretty, limey nose. Perfumed. Crisp, fresh palate. Nice stuff: intense with high acidity. Very good+ 87/100  

Pewsey Vale Riesling 1997 Eden Valley, Australia
Lovely mature style which is evolved but a little bit savoury and rustic at the edges. Striking high acid palate. Very good+ 89/100

Orlando Steingarten Riesling 2001 Australia
New premium Riesling from Orlando. Gently aromatic nose. Palate is savoury and spicy with a crisp clean finish. Very good+ 86/100  

Tin Shed Wild Bunch Riesling 2002 Eden Valley, Australia
Very crisp and elegant with lots of character. Very fresh and crisp with lovely liminess. Very good+ 89/100

Jaysen Collins and Dan Standish Me (denim jacket), Peter Lehmann's son and one of the dudes from Langmeil

Christian Barossa Chenin Blanc 2002 Australia
Lovely nose: slightly herby and varietally true, with some subtle cheesy notes. The palate is savoury, herby and with lots of savoury character. Spicy finish. Very good/excellent 90/100

Standish ‘The Relic’ 2002 Barossa, Australia
Intense savoury, spicy nose with refined red fruits character. Wonderful savoury, spicy palate is intense with wonderful intensity and fine-grained tannins. Quite primary. Good structure: a lovely complete, balanced wine. Very good/excellent 93/100 08/04

Langmeil Grenache Fifth Wave 1999 Barossa, Australia
Really lovely spicy intensity to the red berry fruit: quite firm and savoury. Intense and full with good acidity. Very good/excellent 91/100

Travis O'Callaghan and Andrew Wardlaw

St Hallett Old Block 1994 Barossa, Australia
Tarry, spicy nose is quite traditional Barossa style. The palate shows lovely spicy structure with a tarry edge and good acidity. Lovely stuff which is quite elegant in a traditional style. Quite impressive. Very good/excellent 93/100

Tin Shed Single Wire Shiraz  2001 Barossa, Australia
Very deep colour. Intense, bright aromatic nose. Pure red fruits. Palate shows pure primary red fruits with lovely elegance and nice dry tannins. Savoury with good acidity. Very elegant – this is quite sensational stuff. Very good/excellent 94/100  

Teusner Avatar 2002 Barossa, Australia
Quite elegant and balanced with spicy, full character. Rich with good balance. Very good/excellent 90/100 08/04

Henschke Mount Edelstone Cabernet 1994 Barossa, Australia
Lovely blackcurrant nose is quite elegant. The palate is fresh, herby and elegant with lots of lovely pure fruit. Good acid – a lovely wine. Very good/excellent 94/100

Rusden Blackguts Shiraz 2001 Barossa, Australia
Sweet, ripe intense nose. The palate is intense with massive concentration of sweet ripe fruit. Very full in an ultra-ripe style. Very good+ 88/100

Massena Howling Dog Durif 2002 Barossa, Australia
Serious and dark, with an intense, rich black fruits nose which is dark and spicy. The palate is explosively ripe and rich with spicy dark fruits. Tarry and bold with blackcurrant and blackberry. Massive, bold and porty. Very good/excellent 92/100

Rockford Home Block Cabernet 1996 Barossa, Australia
Elegant blackcurrant fruit with a spicy overlay. Touch of herbiness. Quite elegant. (this is where my notes run out…we had some more red, and then some stickies)

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