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The New Barossa
Part 16: Clancy Fuller

Clancy Fuller is a relative newcomer on the Barossa scene, and is the result of a collaboration between wine PR guy Peter Fuller (right) and wine book publisher Paul Clancy. The collaboration dates back to 1994, when they formed the Silesian Wine Company, but I suspect it’s because they’ve been busy elsewhere that the 1994–1997 vintages were just experimental, and only with 1998 did they take the plunge and release the wine.

The basis for the wines are vineyards purchased by the partners in the late 1980s when they moved to the region. Peter bought vineyards in Bethany, one of which dates back 120 years, and was originally planted by the Hueppauf’s, immigrants from Silesia, in the 1840s (right). Paul bought a spectacular property at Jacob’s Creek—his house looks out over his old vineyards to the hills, a truly gorgeous view.

They were helped at the beginning by star winemakers Rock O’Callaghan and Chris Ringland, who helped make the first wine back in 1994. Current release is 2002 for all three labels.

Clancy vineyard at Jacob's Creek

Clancy Fuller Scribblers 2002 Barossa
An 80/20 Grenache/Shiraz blend. Ripe, sweet open nose which is lush and sweet with a spicy overlay. The palate is lush and sweetly fruited. The alcohol shows just a little (15.5%). It’s open and interesting with a spicy character dominant. Very good+ 88/100

Clancy Fuller Silesian Shiraz 2002 Barossa
Mostly Shiraz with a dash of Cabernet, matured in a mix of new and second use French oak. Sweet, ripe, intense liqueur-like fruit on the nose which is pure and quite blackcurranty. Good density of pure, sweet fruit on the palate with a tarry finish. Very smooth. Perhaps a tiny bit over-ripe and alcoholic? Very good+ 89/100

Clancy Fuller Three Hogsheads Shiraz 2002 Barossa
This is mainly from the 120 year old Bethany vineyard. It shows smooth, ripe blackfruits with a spicy complexity. Smooth, intense and liqueur-like. The palate is dense and concentrated with a spicy, tangy overlay. It has a really smooth, sweet liqueur-like character. If I’m going to be fussy, again there is a hint of too much alcohol on the palate. This aside, it’s an interesting wine. Very good/excellent 90/100

wines tasted October 2005

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