Video: in the Grand Cru Vineyards of Chablis

Back in April, I visited Chablis for the first time. It’s an amazing wine region, and one that’s almost unique for being a region of a single grape variety: Chardonnay. [Is there another mono-cepage wine region out there?]

So what we see in the wines is the same grape variety through the lens of different soils. There’s also the winemaking overlay, but with just one variety in play, this really helps us get to grips with terroir. Would that the winegrowers here would all decide to farm more sustainably: there’s still quite a bit of herbicide use in the region, although more people are deciding to drop this – a welcome change.

One morning I decided to get up early and head to the Grand Cru vineyards. All seven of them are located in the same area, and there’s a guided walk through them. It was a great experience, and I made this short film on my walk.