Highlights: Black Chalk Classic 2016 Hampshire, England

Black Chalk began life as a side-gig for Hattingley Valley winemaker Jacob Leadley. It was a joint venture with his brother-in-law Andrew Seden, and first vintage was 2015. In 2018 Jacob quit the day job to focus on Black Chalk, and they are now building their own winery in the Test Valley, Hampshire. This new release is quite lovely.

Black Chalk Classic 2016 Hampshire, England
12% alcohol. Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Base wines in barrel. This is quite lovely. Compact and quite focused, with bright citrus fruit, with fine acidity. But there’s also a touch of richness, with subtle peach and apricot notes – not too much, just enough to compete with the acidity. Pristine, balanced and very fine with a tapering finish that keeps on going. Has a lovely presence in the mouth. 93/100 (£35 www.blackchalkwine.com)

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