In Kyiv, Ukraine, and a traditional lunch at Khutorets

Had a lovely day in Kyiv yesterday. This is my first time in Ukraine, and I’m here to present a couple of talks at the BeWine festival. I’m really nicely surprised by this city, which I’ve been learning about. Three things I didn’t know: (1) it’s big, with around 5 million people; (2) it predates Moscow by a few hundred years; and (3) Chernobyl is just 100 km away, but fortunately that week in 1986 the wind was blowing the right way (from Kyiv’s perspective).

The Golden Gate, initially constructed by Yarolsav the wise in the 11th century
Peter Liem making a wish
St Andrew’s Church
St Volodymyr’s cathedral

We had lunch at Khutorets on the Dnieper River that was a converted boat. Traditional Ukraine fare was complemented by a couple of glasses of Ukraine wine. This was a seriously good meal.

Salo – seven different types!
Borsch – this is really good. Its origins are in Ukraine, apparently
Pike roe
This was clean, fruity and aromatic – nicely made
Pinot is hard to do well. This one was fault free and had good fruit. It was quite structured, with a savoury side to it