Highlights: three new releases from English winery Westwell

Westwell Naturally Petulant Pink 2022 Kent, England
12% alcohol
£25 Westwell https://www.westwellwines.com/collections/all/products/naturally-petulant-pink-2022
This is a disgorged PetNat with no additions. It’s a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay, picked at 20.1 Brix and with a TA of 11. macerated on skins overnight then fermented in stainless steel. At the right time it’s bottled, and completes fermentation in the bottle. A bright pink colour, this has a lovely sappy edge to the bright cherry, raspberry and cranberry fruit, with a touch of grapefruit and lovely acidity that brings everything to life. Neon and vital, with such a bright personality, this is very pure and beautifully constructed. Who needs traditional method when PetNat is done this well? For this style of wine, traditional method might well get in the way of all this vital fruit. 92/100

Westwell Ortega 2022 Kent, England
11.5% alcohol
£18.50 Westwell https://www.westwellwines.com/collections/all/products/ortega-2022
This has lovely zesty citrus fruit with purity and good acidity. Very bright and linear with hints of grapefruit and mandarin as well as some ripe pear notes. Pure and expressive with a lot of personality. Fruit focused and so well balanced, this is really good. 90/100

Westwell Double Pinot 2022 Kent, England
11% alcohol
£25 Westwell https://www.westwellwines.com/collections/all/products/double-pinot-2022
Pinot Meunier and Pinot Noir, harvested 12th October at 20 Brix and 12 TA. 600kg whole bunch, 1200kg of destemmed whole berries and 1200kg crushed grapes layered in tank to undergo semi-carbonic maceration for a week. Gently pressed to stainless steel tanks to complete fermentation and aged for 3 months in old oak. This is bright and direct with keen acidity framing the ripe, expressive cherry, plum and raspberry fruit. Really pure and vivid, this natural wine shows amazing precision and drinkability. Lovely crunchy fruit here with a nice sour cherry finish, and then a twist of lime. Wonderful stuff. 93/100