Nania’s Vineyard Orange and Red: two high-end canned wines from England

Two canned wines from England, from Nania’s Vineyard. This is an interesting producer who are making natural canned wines for the craft beer generation, and it’s so good to see this sort of innovation.

“Nania’s is a drinks company born out of, and inspired by, our small urban vineyard on our allotment in central Bristol. When our family moved into the wonderful Bristol neighbourhood of Montpelier, the very first thing we did was make cider from our heavily laden apple tree in the garden, and we’ve been fermenting ever since! We planted 30 vines on the adjoining allotment (out back) and Nania’s Vineyard was born. Several vintages later and we’ve outgrown our allotment vines but we’ll never forget our roots!” [From the website]

Nania’s Red Somerset Pinot Blend NV England
9.4% alcohol. This is a blend of Pinot Noir (40%) and Pinot Meunier (60%) fermented with wild yeast, carbonic maceration. It’s a lighter-coloured wine (pale cherry red, with some fading). Sweet cherry fruit nose with some herbal/mulch-like characters. Has a warmth and elegance to it, with a nice mix of sweet and savoury. Mellow and soft, and really interesting. 90/100 (£39 for 6 cans)

Nania’s Malvern Bacchus Orange Wine NV England
9.2% alcohol. 17 day carbonic maceration, then wild yeast ferment. Grapey, aromatic nose with a touch of elderflower and peach. Bright and fruity with nice weight: there’s some texture here, and a hint of structure, with some sweet cherry and nice weight. Soft, fruity and textural, this is detailed and has some complexity. 90/100 (£39 for 6 cans)