PRESS RELEASE: wineanorak relaunches, with new functionality and a new contributor has relaunched with a new look, new functionality, and a new correspondent.

After 20 years online, one of the world’s major wine websites has undergone some significant changes. was established by Jamie Goode in November 1999 – early days for the internet – and has gone on to become one of the most visible and utilized online resources for wine.

Over the years it has grown significantly, and has been a repository for the extensive content generated by Goode’s travels round the wine world. Now, with a brand new site that’s fully mobile responsive, some major changes have been implemented. Key among those changes has been the addition of Treve Ring as correspondent anorak.

Ring is a well-respected wine writer, taster, and judge based on the west coast of Canada, but like Goode, she’s a prolific traveller. This fits in with the ethos of the site – a global wine journal, with content not limited by any geographical restriction.

‘I’m delighted that Ring is on board,’ says Goode. ‘We first met when I began judging the National Wine Awards of Canada in 2014. Since then we have travelled together numerous times, and I’m impressed by her skills, both as a writer and a taster. I’m particularly looking forward to continuing our collaborative pieces: we have a series on Champagne that’s been rolling out these past weeks, as well as one on South Africa that’s launching shortly.’

It was an easy decision to come on board and help grow wineanorak,’ notes Ring. ‘Goode and I are both super geeks, taste a lot, and have similar palates. We are also both on the road most of the time. Between the two of us, we can keep current with producers and trends around the globe. We balance each other well: he is much better with wine science and video editing, while I can write an astute tasting note and excel at table tennis – all of which are key skills in the wine world.’

The new design, coupled with a global correspondent, means that Wine Anorak will now take a step up in terms of content production, filling the void left by traditional wine magazines. The site will continue to focus on detailed first-hand profiles, telling the stories of interesting producers from wine regions around the world. Wine science continues to be a strong emphasis, with Goode’s background as a PhD scientist guiding much of his research and speaking. He is currently working on the third edition of Wine Science, his award-winning book.

The new site enhances the visuals of wineanorak, with an emphasis of telling stories not just with words, but also high-quality photography, and video content. Short ‘guerilla’ films help to tell the story alongside the words and pictures. Goode and  Ring’s previous film collaborations include Harvest in the Douro, Madeira, and Jamie and Treve’s Sekt Tape.

In addition, wineanorak will be branching out into audio content in 2020. A new podcast is on its way to complement the other media used by the site.

‘We’ve already been collaborating together for years’, says Goode. ‘This is just taking it to the next level, so hopefully we can share stories and affect change on a larger scale.’

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