Gallery: autumn in the vineyards of Beaujolais

Some pictures from yesterdays walk through the vineyards of Fleurie and Juliénas in Beaujolais

Marc Delienne walking through Fleurie vineyards with Mike Turner
This is the almost impossibly steep La Vigne des Fous vineyard: it has to be worked by hand
Red granite soils typical of Fleurie
Bush vine Gamay, typical of Beaujolais
Rockier granitic soils at the top of the hill
Finer, almost sandy granitic soils
Juliénas vine
Very occasionally you find a vine like this: it’s Gamay Teinturier, and we found some berries still on it, which were red fleshed. There are a few varieties that come under this name, and they were originally planted to add colour to the true Gamay (whose proper name is Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc). They are pretty rare, but kind of cool.
A teinturier berry. Harry Crowther is hand model.