Restaurants: Trullo, Islington, London

Trullo describes itself as a British take on Italian cooking. I went for lunch with a bottle of Foillard Côte du Puy (corkage is £20, which is very reasonable) and had one of the best meals of the year (admittedly a year of relatively little eating out by my standards over the last few years).

Sardines were perfect. And the grouse! So good.

It all matched very well with the Foillard, which was the 2018, famed for its richness and 14.5% alcohol. This is a very ripe expression of Côte du Py, and for some I can understand it being too ripe. In this context it worked pretty well.

The menu changes daily, which I really like – but the downside is that these specific dishes probably won’t be on it if you visit. I reckon this is the sort of place where everything is really good, and it’s also a place where you can lunch well and not go broke. Highly recommended.