Restaurants: The Beacon, Tunbridge Wells


Nestled into the top of the hills above Tunbridge Wells, the Beacon has an enviable location with sweeping views. It offers two dining options – either the Hearth Restaurant, which in the evenings is tasting menu only, or the more informal Garden Bar, which is what we opted for.

It’s really nicely decorated, in a modern, unfussy style, and the short-ish menu gives enough options on the food front. The wine list is a good one: it’s broad, expansive, every wine earns its place on the list, and although it’s more conventional in feel than natural, there are some really good choices here. We opted for Vajra’s delicious Dolcetto d’Alba 2020.

This isn’t an expensive place, but the food is really good. Thoroughly recommended, especially on a sunny day.

  • Ambience/style: 8/10
  • Food: 7/10
  • Wine List: 7/10