Canned wine round-up

Canned wines are now a thing. I remember my first experience with them, in Oregon, with the 375 ml cans from Underwood. I like the informality, and if the wine is good, then it’s nice to have another packaging type. Over the last few years they have made progress in the UK, and you can get quite a range here now. But technically, it can be difficult to get it right: the acidity and sulfur dioxide in the wine can react with the aluminium of the can, so a good, intact liner is needed or else hydrogen sulfide can develop with its smell of cooked egg. This was a round-up of some cans I’d been sent. Some of them had waited in a tasting queue for a while, so this was a good test of shelf life (a few months).  

Frico by Scarpetta Frizzante NV Italy
10% alcohol
Fruity, refreshing, juicy pears, a tiny bit eggy. 77/100

The Uncommon Alfie English White Wine Spritzer
5.5% alcohol
Really aromatic, with some rosemary and sage, as well as light, bright apple and lemon fruit. Has a savoury twist. So bright and intriguing, and quite delicious. Not wine, but lovely. Canteloup melon on the finish. 88/100

The Uncommon Gerald Bubbly White Wine Bacchus Chardonnay 2020 England
11.5% alcohol
Fizzy. Zesty, bright, fruity and really pretty with a lightness to it, as well as lovely citrus and elderflower notes. Zippy acidity and the fizziness reall helps balance everything out. 88/100

The Uncommon Eleanor Bubbly Rosé Wine Pinot Noir 2020 England
11.5% alcohol
Pale pink and fizzy. This is nicely fruity with some tinned strawberry and cherry character, and a slight creamy note. Nicely fruity with good presence, and a slight stoniness on the finish which also has a touch of caramel. 84/100

The Uncommon Peggy English Rosé Wine Spritzer
5.5% alcohol
Really aromatic with mint, rose petal, lavender and cherries on the nose. In the mouth this is dry and herbal, with some sweet fruit too. Zesty and delicious. 86/100

Cansecco Bianco Semi Sparkling White Wine, Italy
10.5% alcohol
This is only very lightly fizzy, and has rounded pear fruit with a touch of grapey richness. Easy, if a little simple and fat. 81/100

Cansecco Rosé Semi Sparkling Wine, Italy
10.5% alcohol
Zesty, bright, fizzy and fruity with some cherry and pear, as well as a touch of table grape and mandarin. Dry finish, and the fruit is pure. 84/100

Balfour Pink Fizz Lightly Carbonates Semi-Sparkling Rosé Wine, England
11.5% alcohol
Pale pink in colour. This has a bit of sweetness alongside the fresh cherry and pear fruit. It’s clean and juicy with a hint of rhubarb and a nice citrussy finish. Well made. 85/100

Vignobles Raguenot French Can Can Bordeaux White
12% alcohol
Bright, fruity and appealing. Has nice texture and presence. A good, solid white wine with some appeal. 83/100

Vignobles Raguenot French Can Can Bordeaux Rosé
12% alcohol
Sour cherry, caramel, some apple. A bit oxidative, and not very nice. 77/100

Vignobles Raguenot French Can Can Bordeaux Red
13.5% alcohol
This is an attractive red with some vanilla and coconut notes adding a sweet edge to the cherry and plum fruit. Fruity and generous with the oak character quite assertive, but well made. 85/100

West & Wilder Chenin Blanc Yakima Valley Washington State
12.5% alcohol
From vines planted in the 1960s. There’s a nice pithy texture and density to this wine which shows ripe yellow plum and pear fruit. Lots of flavour, and finishes quite taut with a hint of wax. 87/100

West & Wilder Pinot Noir Russian River Valley, California
13% alcohol
This is fruity and vivid. There’s a touch of sweetness to the cherry and plum fruit, with some mid-palate weight. High dissolved CO2 adds a touch of freshness. Rich and curranty, but with Pinot character. 86/100

Canned Wine Co Grüner No 1 2019 Austria
12% alcohol
This is fruity and fresh with nice pear fruit and a touch of peach. There’s a subtle grassiness. Not very distinctive, but fruity and appealing. 84/100

Canned Wine Co Grenache Rosé No 3 2019 France
12.5% alcohol
Pale in colour with high dissolved CO2. Fruity with a note of wax and some stoniness, and a hint of cherry and green apple. Dry but light and quite neutral flavoured. 82/100

Canned Wine Co Old Vine Garnacha No 5 2016 Spain
14.5% alcohol
This is ripe, dense, structured and spicy with sweet plum and blackberry fruit with some sour cherry. Has a hint of raisin, a twist of tar, and a spicy, grippy finish. Ends sweet. 84/100

Kiss of Wine Smooth It’s a Chardonnay 2019 France
12% alcohol
Light and a bit neutral, kept fresh with high dissolved CO2. A bit stony. Clean. 82/100

Kiss of Wine Chill It’s a Grenache Sparkling Dry Rosé Wine 2019 Provence, France
12.5% alcohol
Pale in colour, this is juicy and fruity with lively citrus and cherry fruit. Light bodied, with a hint of fizziness, and perhaps a touch of egginess too. 79/100

Kiss of Wine Feisty It’s a Nebbiolo 2016 Italy
12.5% alcohol
Savoury and vivid, with nice cherry and plum fruit, some earthy hints, a touch of sour cherry, and a dry finish. This is a nice, mature, slightly savoury red with some personality. 87/100

Kiss of Wine Wild It’s a Dolcetto 2019 Italy
12% alcohol
Juciy, bright and vivid with concentrated berry fruits and a nice sour cherry edge. Nice presence and personality with a bit of grip, lots of fruit, and a juicy finish. 88/100