Bordeaux 2020 in bottle: 106 wines tasted and rated

2020 is a much heralded vintage in Bordeaux. Here I got to try many of the top wines in bottle, which is a nice time to check how reliable all the many words written about the vintage from cask samples were true. I came away really impressed: this is more-or-less a complete vintage, offering a lot of pleasure, but not one where the vintage characteristics imprint onto the terroir differences too much.

2020 is a much heralded vintage in Bordeaux. Here I got to try many of the top wines in bottle, which is a nice time to check how reliable all the many words written about the vintage from cask samples were true. I came away really impressed: this is more-or-less a complete vintage, offering a lot of pleasure, but not one where the vintage characteristics imprint onto the terroir differences too much.


Château de Chantegrive 2020 Graves, Bordeaux
Charming aromatics of sweet cherries and blackcurrants. The palatre is midweight and nicely structured with excellent balance, combing sweet berry fruits with some fine spicy notes. Has poise. 93/100                                                                                                                                                  

Château Ferrande 2020 Graves, Bordeaux
Appealing berry fruits nose. The palate shows taut blackcurrant and cherry fruit with nice finesse and purity, and a gravelly, grainy structure. Has seriousness but also offers pleasure. 92/100

Château Rahoul 2020 Graves, Bordeaux
Grainy and grippy with sweet fruit – blackcurrant and cherry – as well as a hint of pepper. Good structure here: classically built with potential for development. 93/100                                                                                                            

Château Bouscaut 2020 Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux
Plush, showing good concentration and appealing ripe fruit. Red cherries, blackcurrant and some fine spicy structure. There’s a lovely flesh to this wine allied to some slightly firm structure: a good mid-term drinker. 94/100          

Château Carbonnieux 2020 Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux
Sweet, concentrated blackcurrant fruit with lovely flesh and density. Great concentration, lovely purity, alluring sweet fruit and firm tannins hiding under the fruit. A lot of wine here. 94/100                            

Château Les Carmes Haut-Brion 2020 Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux
Classic style, with lovely structure, notes of chalk and gravel, good acidity and very fine, direct, pure fruit. The fruit is stunning: it’s right at the fore of this wine and has incredible taut but fine focus. A lovely wine. 95/100  

Domaine de Chevalier 2020 Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux
Great concentration and focus: this is taut and quite unfurled, with the substantial tannins bundled in with the sweet blackcurrant and black cherry fruit. Lovely structure here: a compact, dense, concentrated wine for ageing. 95/100   

Château de Fieuzal 2020 Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux
Floral blackcurrant fruit on the nose, which leads to a ripe, layered palate showing sweet, fine blackcurrant and cherry fruit with lushness and approachability. 93/100                                                                                                                                                                                

Château de France 2020 Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux
Has a brooding, sark side to it: well structured with some oak spice, a hint of smoke, some gravel and lively blackcurrant fruit. Combines sweet ripe fruit with spicy structure. 93/100″                                                                                             

Château Haut-Bailly 2020 Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux
Beguiling aromatics of sweet red cherries and blackcurrant, showing some floral perfume. The palate is ripe and expressive with a fine green hint, some blackcurrant and even a touch of strawberry. Very enticing, but with substantial structure under the fruit. 96/100  

Château Haut-Bergey 2020 Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux
Fleshy and expressive, showing sweet blackcurrant and cherry fruit with some red berry notes in the middle. Fresh and expressive with some hints of green and a bit of structure. 93/100

Château Larrivet Haut-Brion 2020 Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux
A ripe, fleshy, sweetly fruited style with some blackcurrant and cherry fruit, with some green in the mix. Juicy and beautifully balanced in a ripe style. 93/100

Château Latour-Martillac 2020 Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux
Very polished and refiend with a gravelly undercurrent to the sweet blackcurrant fruit, as well as some chalky characters. Midweight, structured, balanced and joyful. 94/100

Château La Louvière 2020 Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux
This is ripe and generous with concentrated blackcurrant fruit, with some sweet plum and hints of tar and gravel. Ripe, modern and generous but showing structure. Lovely wine. 94/100

Château Malartic-Lagravière 2020 Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux
Highly prefumed nose with some cedar spice as well as ripe, sweet cherries and blackcurrants. The palate has flesh and structure combining nicely, with a grainy spiciness on the finish. 93/100

Château Olivier 2020 Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux
There’s a lushness and generosity to the fruit here: rich, ripe blackcurrants with some spicy undercurrents. Good concentration, and also nice structure. A complete wine with real impact. 95/100

Château Pape Clément 2020 Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux
Nicely structured with some firm, spicy gravelly undercurrents, and lovely grip and density. There’s polish, but not too much, and admirable concentration and depth. 95/100

Château Picque Caillou 2020 Pessac-Léognan, Bordeaux
Lovely freshness and fruit purity here: sweet blackcurrants with some red cherry and plum, finishing with nice acidity. Lovely brightness and poise. 93/100


Château Balestard La Tonnelle 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
This is beautiful: lovely refined sweet red fruits with compact, chalky, grainy structure. Such great balance here: good acidity and structure with real finesse. Has everything. 96/100

Château Berliquet 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux         
Bright and expressive with good acidity and nice structure as well as vivid red fruits. There’s a berryish quality, and the finish is slightly angular, in a nice way. 92/100                                                    

Château Canon 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
Haunting perfume of sweet berries with some red cherry – quite floral. The palate shows nice focus with a core of sweet cherry and raspberry fruit, with nice structure and acidity. Finishes with a sense of freshness. Lovely wine. 94/100

Château Canon-La-Gaffelière 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
Appealing sweet blackcurrant fruit on the nose. The palate has lush, sweet fruit with blackcurrants and cherries, as well as some spicy structure. Bright and focused with a juicy finish and a sense of freshness. 93/100                                                                                                                 

Château Cap de Mourlin 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
Ripe with lush black fruits and a savoury woody note on the palate. Nice ripeness, with some oak evident, and also some appropriate structure. 91/100                                                           

Château La Couspaude 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
Some exotic spices on the nose as well as sweet red fruits. Nicely poised palate is midweight with noticeable spicy, savoury oak character. 89/100                                                           

Château Dassault 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux          
Ripe and expressive with bright cherry and blackcurrant fruit. Has some flesh, with a juicy quality to the black fruits, finishing bright. Nice fruit here. 92/100                                                              

Château La Dominique 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
Quite lush and sweet with juicy cherries, some blackberries and a fine spicy structure. Friit-forward and approachable with nice flesh. 92/100                                                                                   

Clos Fourtet 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
This has great concentration of sweet, ripe blackberry and blackcurrant fruit. There’s an easy fleshiness to the wine, but there’s also substantial structure under the fruit, which shows impressive depth. 94/100

Château Franc Mayne 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
Sweet and lush with ripe black cherry and blackcurrant fruit, as well as some grippy, grainy structure and notes of tar and spice. Polished and forward, and a crowd-pleaser. 92/100         

Château La Gaffelière 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
Alluring perfumed black fruits nose with some floral overtones. The palate is supple and fresh with bright, expressive fruit and lovely purity. Manages to be ripe, seductuve and fresh all at the same time. 94/100

Château Grand Mayne 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
Grippy, gravelly and intense with sweet, dense black fruits. Very forward in style and quite ripe. There’s a fair bit of structure here, too. 93/100                                                                                               

Château Larcis Ducasse 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
Beautiful floral black cherry perfiume on the nose. Concentrated and ripe on the palate with a core of sweet, lush fruit, showing nice fleshy blakc cherry and blackcurrant fruit, and a slight slaty, olive character. 93/100

Château Larmande 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
Fresh blackcurrant nose with a touch of green – open and inviting. Midweight palate is beautifully balanced with some sweet cherries and plums, fine structure, some chalky hints and lots of drinkabilitty. Will deliver early pleasure – very refined. 94/100  

Château Pavie Macquin 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
Extotic, floral, spicy red and black fruits nose with a hint of cinnamon. The palate shows some warm, spicy oak and lots of very sweet cherry and berry fruit. Forward, exotic, and quite distinctive. Very well made in this super-ripe style. 94/100                                                                                   

Château Soutard 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
Olive, black fruits and woodspice on the nose. Supple, fresh spicy palate with nice ripe berry and black fruits. Has some gravel and tar savouriness, too. 92/100″                                                                 

Château La Tour Figeac 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
Perfumed, ripe nose with lush blackberry fruit and a hint of gravel. The palate is quite lush and sweet with very ripe fruit to the fore. 91/100

Château Troplong Mondot 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
Grippy and fleshy at the same time, showing sweet cherry and plum fruit with appropriate structure. Nice sweet fruit here. 92/100      

Château TrotteVieille 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
Dark, brooding and with some spicy structure, as well as some oak. Nice fruit intensity, but quite charry and dark on the finish, with a twist of chocolate and spice. 91/100                                     

Château Valandraud 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
Deep, intense and brooding with a combination of lush, sweet blackcurrant and cherry fruit as well as spicy, smoky oak, with some coconut and vanilla. The oak is really obtrusive at the moment. 92/100

Château Villemaurine 2020 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux
Sweet, lush and fleshy with very ripe berry and cherry fruit. Has a liqueur-like richness with some polish and a spicy sheen to the finish. Very modern in style. 92/100      



Château Beauregard 2020 Pomerol, Bordeaux
Ripe, open nose of sweet berry fruits with a hint of red apple. The palate is very ripe and open with a lot of sweet fruit, and gentle structure hidden well behind it. Ripe and easy. 90/100                                                           

Château Le Bon Pasteur 2020 Pomerol, Bordeaux
Ripe, brooding and ambitious, with a wall of sweet blackcurrant fruit, some cherry notes, and firm structure hidden under the fruit. Techno in style, offering lots of fruit, plenty of polish, and a sense of luxury. 93/100

Château La Cabanne 2020 Pomerol, Bordeaux
Lovely blackcurrant and cherry fruit aromatics, leading to a fresh, fleshy palate with nice bright blackcurrant fruit and some appropriate structure. Nicely poised. 94/100                                                       

Château Clinet 2020 Pomerol, Bordeaux
Great concentration here: this is a lush, modern, sweetly fruited Pomerol with very smooth, super-ripe berry fruits that coat the mouth. Has some well integrated oak and well resolved tannins, but a little too ripe and polished for me. 92/100   

Château La Conseillante 2020 Pomerol, Bordeaux
Fresh, floral and spicy on the nose with a bright palate showing blackberry and blackcurrant fruit, as well as some raspberry crunch. There’s a freshness here as well as some firm structure. Quite taut and linear, but also with ripe fruit. Has a hint of reduction too? 94/100

Château La Croix de Gay 2020 Pomerol, Bordeaux
Lovely density of ripe black fruits here with some spicy structure, and quite a bit of oak in the mix. Plush and assertive, but with a soft side, too. New world in style, with the emphasis on ripe fruit and oak. 93/100                                                                                                         

Château Gazin 2020 Pomerol, Bordeaux
Concentrated and dense, with the emphasis on sweet fruit, but also some freshness and quite a bit of structure. An impactful wine, but with good acidity and tannin keeping the sweet fruit honest.

Château Petit-Village 2020 Pomerol, Bordeaux
Lovely ripe, sleek fruit here. Polished blackcurrants and cherries with a sweet core and a sense of freshness and balance on the finish. Modern in style, with very ripe fruit. 93/100                                                      

Château La Pointe 2020 Pomerol, Bordeaux           
Nicely refined: fresh, sweet cherry and berry fruits with a sweet mid-palate, but finishing focused with good acidity and the right amount of structure. Classic, with good balance. 94/100

Château Rouget 2020 Pomerol, Bordeaux
Dense, ripe and very sweetly fruited with good tannins sitting under the concentrated, alluring berry and black fruits. Has some refined oak in the mix too. 94/100


LISTRAC-MEDOC, MOULIS-EN-MEDOC AND HAUT-MEDOC                                           

Château Clarke 2020 Listrac-Médoc, Bordeaux
Bright and midweight with some spicy oak supporting the sweet blackcurrant and berry fruits. Shows drinkability, and also some dark, spicy notes on the finish. 91/100

Château Fonréaud 2020 Listrac-Médoc, Bordeaux
Spice-laden blackcurrant fruit on the nose with a hint of christmas cake. The palate shows charry oak in the background, behind midweight blackberry and blackcurrant fruit. 91/100

Château Fourcas Dupré 2020 Listrac-Médoc, Bordeaux
Grippy and grainy with nice structure under the blackcurrant and cherry fruit. Classic, with firm tannins on the finish. 92/100

Château Fourcas Hosten 2020 Listrac-Médoc, Bordeaux
There’s a sense of freshness to this wine, with the fovus on sweet berry and black fruits, showing a juicy quality and good structure. Very stylish with balance and poise. 94/100

Château Chasse-Spleen 2020 Moulis-en-Médoc, Bordeaux
Very stylish and classic with a sweet red berry fruit core, some blackcurrant, and refined structure. Everything pulls together nicely and there’s good balance to this wine, which has the potential for development. 94/100

Château Poujeaux 2020 Moulis-en-Médoc, Bordeaux
Open, ripe and sweetly fruited with cherries, sweet plums and red berries, as well as a hint of green. Nicely balanced with good weight and focus. 92/100

Château Beaumont 2020 Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux
Very attractive with ripe, sweet fruit showing some notes of spice and ripe olive, alongside sleek blackcurrants and cherries. Lush. 92/100

Château Belgrave 2020 Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux
Nice density and freshness here with pure blackcurrant fruit, good acidity, a touch of oak and lovely purity. Polished but still classical, showing nice structure. 94/100

Château de Camensac 2020 Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux
Some oak evident here, adding structural elements to the fresh cherry and blackcurrant fruit. Quite stylish with potential for development. 92/100

Château Cantemerle 2020 Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux
Plush and refined with a core of sweet, lush blackcurrant fruit as well as some fine green hints. Has nice concentration and a bit of grip on the finish. 92/100

Château Citran 2020 Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux          
This has a fresh edge to the sweet fruit with nice grip and structure under the cherry and blackcurrant notes. Has good concentration but also drinkability. 93/100   

Château Coufran 2020 Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux
Nicely balanced with a core of sweet cherry and blackberry fruit. Ripe but classic with nice chalky, grainy structure and a sense of freshness. 93/100

Château La Lagune 2020 Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux
This is really good: bright, sweet, nicely balanced black fruits leading to a beautifully proportioned structure with chalk, fine gravelly hints and hood acidity. 94/100

Château de Lamarque 2020 Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux          
Ripe, fresh, fleshy and quite elegant with open berry fruits and some fine-grained structure. Has a lovely spicy side to it, too. 92/100

Château La Tour Carnet 2020 Haut-Médoc, Bordeaux
Juicy, structured and supple with bright blackcurrant and red cherry fruit. Fresh and very drinkable, but also has a hint of seriousness. 93/100

Château La Tour de By 2020 Médoc, Bordeaux
Nice concentration here: lovely blackcurrant and cherry fruit with nice structure and purity. Classically styled with some gravelly hints, too. Shows a juicy finish. 94/100   



Château Angludet 2020 Margaux, Bordeaux           
Concentrated, sleek and beautifully balanced with smooth ripe blackcurrant fruit. Effortless, with plenty of structure, but it’s polished and refined. Ripe and sweet, but well balanced. 94/100

Château Brane-Cantenac 2020 Margaux, Bordeaux
Great concentration here with good structure and freshness. Powerful blackcurrant fruit with some grip and a hint of tar and gravel. 94/100

Château Cantenac Brown 2020 Margaux, Bordeaux          
Juicy, bright and fresh with focused blackcurrant fruit, showing ripe, dark fruit characters countered by nice structure and acidity. Satisfying and dense. 93/100

Château Dauzac 2020 Margaux, Bordeaux
Smoky, spicy edge to the focused blackcurrant fruit nose. Nice concentration and weight on the palate which has a sweet core of fruit, with firm tannins on the finish. Lots of wine here, and has the potential for development. 94/100

Château Desmirail 2020 Margaux, Bordeaux          
Classically styles, combining blackcurrant and black cherry fruit with good structure and freshness. The fruit has life to it: there’s no sign of overripeness. Should age nicely. 95/100

Château Giscours 2020 Margaux, Bordeaux
This has lovely structure and depth with a fresh quality to the sweetly fruited palate. Midweight but beautifully balanced combining sweet fruit and structure. Really lovely. 93/100 

Château Kirwan 2020 Margaux, Bordeaux
Some oak in the mix here adding hints of spice and coconut to the sweet berry and black fruits. Shows concentration and poise, with lots of ripe, sweet fruit. Finishes fresh. 93/100

Château Labégorce 2020 Margaux, Bordeaux
Spicy woody notes intermingle with sweet fruit on the nose. Has a bit of spice with nice ripe blackberries and cherries. Quite structured, with some firm tannins on the finish. 92/100

Château Lascombes 2020 Margaux, Bordeaux
Firm and structured yet offering a lot of sweet berry fruit, with generous fruit and a sweet mid-palate. Dense and mouthfilling. 93/100

Château Marquis de Terme 2020 Margaux, Bordeaux
Concentrated and ripe with a wall of lush, intense blackberry and cherry fruit. Has a smootheness to it – the tannins are very polished and there’s a lot of fruit. It avoids over-ripeness, though. 95/100

Château Monbrison 2020 Margaux, Bordeaux
Concentrated and well structured with a firmness to the sweet black fruits. Nice density to this wine, with lots of potential for development. Finishes firm. 94/100

Château Rauzan-Gassies 2020 Margaux, Bordeaux
Focused and quite firm with nicely dense blackcurrant fruit, as well as some soft, ripe baked plum and cherry character. Has nice spicy structure. A substantial wine. 94/100

Château Rauzan-Ségla 2020 Margaux, Bordeaux
Fresh, focused and structured with dense blackcurrant fruit. Lively and expressive with focused black fruits and nice structure. Satisfying. 94/100

Château Siran 2020 Margaux, Bordeaux
Alert, spicy nose with some wood smoke as well as appealing dark fruits. The palate is sweetly fruited with a lush core, but then it tightens up a bit on the finish. 93/100

Château du Tertre 2020 Margaux, Bordeaux
Ripe and expressive with some woody notes supporting the plush black fruit. Has generosity and depth, showing good concentration and a lot of polish. Very good in a modern style. 93/100 



Château Beychevelle 2020 Saint-Julien, Bordeaux
This is quite beautiful. Good tannic structure supports fresh blackcurrant and cherry fruit, with everything in harmony. Concentrated, refined, potentially long lived. 96/100

Château Branaire-Ducru 2020 Saint-Julien, Bordeaux
A winning combination of sweet black fruits with firm, grainy, gravelly structure. This is lovely, with concentration and potential for development. 95/100

Château Gloria 2020 Saint-Julien, Bordeaux
There’s a slightly burnt savoury edge to the nose, and this offers focused sweet blackcurrant and cherry fruit with nice structure. 92/100

Château Gruaud Larose 2020 Saint-Julien, Bordeaux
Generous and ripe but beautifully balanced with fine grained structure under the sleek blackurrant fruit. This is really appealing and shows lovely density and poise. Classic. 95/100

Château Lagrange 2020 Saint-Julien, Bordeaux
Sweet but beautifully balanced with ripe black cherry and blackberry fruit, showing good structure and freshness. Long lived? 95/100

Château Langoa Barton 2020 Saint-Julien, Bordeaux         
Some oak here, supporting very fresh, well balanced, nicely structured blackcurrant fruit. Berryish and pure with a sense of vitality, this is a really lovely wine. 94/100

Château Léoville Barton 2020 Saint-Julien, Bordeaux
Concentrated and firmly structured but shows amazing fruit purity, and very well integrated oak. Lovely weight and structure, and quite classic, although on the riper side with expansive lush fruit at its core. 96/100

Château Léoville Poyferré 2020 Saint-Julien, Bordeaux
Plush and generous with really appealing sweet blackcurrant and cherry fruit. Has nice structure hidden under the fruit and finishes with a bit of spice and well integrated wood. 94/100

Château Saint-Pierre 2020 Saint-Julien, Bordeaux  
Forward, appealing blackcurrant fruit well supported by some spicy structure. Really appealing in a modern style with alluring ripe fruit. 93/100

Château Talbot 2020 Saint-Julien, Bordeaux           
Some coffee and coconut from the oak on the nose, which also shows black fruits. The palate has some nice structure and sweet fruit, but the oak is a bit overpowering at the moment. 92/100


Château Batailley 2020 Pauillac, Bordeaux
Lovely blackcurrant fruit here: ncely concentrated with some supporting oak and appealing balance provided by some tannin. A super wine. 95/100

Château Clerc Milon 2020 Pauillac, Bordeaux
Vivid and fresh with bright black fruits and nice freshness. Has good structure and weight. Grippy finish. 94/100

Château Croizet-Bages 2020 Pauillac, Bordeaux
Some spicy oak surrounds the sweet blackberry and cherry fruit. Has lushness and a seductive quality to the fruit. Very ripe and alluring. 93/100

Château D’Armailhac 2020 Pauillac, Bordeaux
Polished, ripe and nicely concentrated with some oak adding to the structure, and sweet blackcurrant fruit at its core. Impressive in a ripe, modern style. 93/100

Château Grand-Puy Ducasse 2020 Pauillac, Bordeaux
Firmly structured, but also showing concentrated ripe blackcurrant and cherry fruit, with good density. Lots going on here: a big wine. 94/100

Château Grand-Puy-Lacoste 2020 Pauillac, Bordeaux
Concentrated and intense with a wall of firmly structured blackcurrant fruit. Classic and well proportioned, showing great balance. A wine for the long haul – so impressive. 96/100

Château Lynch-Bages 2020 Pauillac, Bordeaux
This has everything: lots of sweet blackcurrant fruit, some spicy complexity, well integrated oak, firm tannins and a lovely concentration on the palate. It’s firmly structured and meant for cellaring, but there’s also pleasure from the intense fruit at this early stage. 97/100

Château Lynch-Moussas 2020 Pauillac, Bordeaux
Ripe and dense with a core of sweet fruit, and lovely structure. Lots happening here: a big wine, but a balanced one. Very impressive. 95/100

Château Pichon Baron 2020 Pauillac, Bordeaux
Very refined, offering classical structure and sweet blackcurrant and berry fruit. Great concentration, but no sense of heaviness: there’s some polish, but also a sense of focus, and lovely finely structured fruit. 96/100

Château Pichon Longueville Comtesse de Lalande 2020 Pauillac, Bordeaux
Ripe, seductive and quite polished with some oak in the mix, as well as sweet blackcurrant, stewed plum and some polished tannins adding structure. Impressive in this forward, modern style, and will find a lot of fans. 95/100


Château Cos Labory 2020 Saint-Estèphe, Bordeaux
Juicy, bright and grainy with good structure under the dense blackcurrant fruit. Nice intensity here. 93/100

Château Lafon-Rochet 2020 Saint-Estèphe, Bordeaux
This is concentrated and dense with some lush sweet blackcurrant fruit supported by spicy tannins. Shows lovely purity. Nice focus here. Modern but balanced. 94/100

Château Ormes De Pez 2020 Saint-Estèphe, Bordeaux
Vivid and dense, showing concentrated blackcurrant fruit. Really intense with amazing density and structure under the wall of ripe fruit. 95/100

Château de Pez 2020 Saint-Estèphe, Bordeaux
Focused nose with some spicy oak and vivid black fruits. Such intensity here, with a nice blend of fruit oak and tannin. Should age well. 93/100

Château Phélan Ségur 2020 Saint-Estèphe, Bordeaux
Powerful but quite refined with sweet blackcurrant fruit and some fine spicy notes, with good tannins. Has nice fruit sweetness and a lot of appeal. 94/100

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