Top 5 Wines for Winter Meals

Cosy, comforting meals are the best part of winter! Soups, stews, hearty salads, cheesy dishes, charcuterie and indulgent desserts are only a few of the wonderfully flavourful delicacies the cold season creates an excellent opportunity for! These superb meals are yet another reason for you to enjoy beautiful wines. Here’s our selection of winter wonders for you to savour by the fire or around a bountiful table!

Bordeaux Wines

Rich and rounded, red wines from the Bordeaux region are the perfect companions to copious winter dinners. The tender, rich texture of a Saint-Emilion Clos Fourtet, for instance, pairs wonderfully with stewed meats and mushroom-infused dishes. This Bordeaux wine also truly shines alongside various pasta creations, Asian cuisine and rich fish courses, making it an incredibly versatile choice. Château Rollan de By is characterised by deeper chocolate, coffee and leather notes. Powerful, complex and velvety, it goes very well with pork and lentils, peppery mustard steak and cheeses from the Pyrenees. Even a chocolate dessert doesn’t overwhelm this Bordeaux wine.

Savoie Wines

In France, winter rhymes with cheese! Or, more specifically, with melted cheese. Any cheese lover who has not had Tartiflette, Raclette or Fondue Savoyarde yet is in for a treat. In the mountainous region of Savoie, where winters can be particularly snowy, Tartiflette is often enjoyed after a long day of skiing down the Alps. This dish combines potatoes, diced bacon, onions and Reblochon cheese and a small amount of dry white wine for an outrageously tasty gratin! All these culinary wonders have one thing in common: they pair wonderfully well with the famous appellation wine from the same region. Don’t go one winter without it!

Brunello Di Montalcino Wines

These famous Italian red wines possess a beautiful ageing potential. Harmonious, warming and dry, their intense notes bring out the best in comforting Italian beef stews. Enjoy a bottle of Brunello Di Montalcino on a chilly day and let its balsamic aromas warm you right up.

Sauternes Wines

Another cold weather favourite, Sauternes tastes like the holidays. Citrusy with ginger, clove and honey notes, it’s perfect with a comforting apple pie and many other fruity desserts! It also works well with sweet, roasted vegetables, making it a staple wine on any Thanksgiving dinner table. It also pairs magically well with any kind of poultry dish.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape Wines

Earthy, spicy and beautifully nuanced, Châteauneuf-du-Pape is a wine like no other. Made in the Rhône region from a Grenache-rich blend, it distinguishes itself by a sublime meaty flavour and smoky accents. Enjoy it with peppery omelettes, coq au vin or even beef tacos!

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