Highlights: Fizzy Bum Bum Pet Nat 2019 Cornwall, England

Few will get to try this micro-production wine, but I wanted to include it here, because it shows how good naturally made Pet Nat can be. This is a wine that is bottled while it is still fermenting and it finishes the fermentation in bottle, giving some fizz. The yeast stay in the bottle, which means the wine is cloudy. But this gives a lovely texture to the wine. It’s made by a retailer, Bin Two, in Padstow, Cornwall, with some of their friends who own a vineyard.

‘The safe bet commercially was to make it pink and crystal clear,’ says Mike Boyne of Bin Two. ‘But we were convinced that it would be the better wine for leaving it unfiltered, so we rolled the dice.’

Website: https://www.bintwo.com/product/fizzy-bum-bum-pet-nat/

Fizzy Bum Bum Pet Nat 2019 Cornwall, England
This is really good. It’s an undisgorged Pet Nat (which I like), and on opening it is a little gushy, but well within the grounds of acceptability. It’s pure and bright with good acidity and notes of cherry and redcurrant, as well as a bit of sappiness and some citrus peel pithiness. But what I really like about it is the texture. It’s just so fresh, but with it there’s some creaminess and warmth, and a roundness that comes from all that suspended yeast lees. It has a lovely savouriness. Delicious stuff: proper Pet Nat. Dry and delicious. 91/100 (£26 Bin Two, Padstow)