Highlights: Westwell Pelegrim NV England

Website: https://www.westwellwines.com/products/pelegrim-nv

Good to see many English sparkling wine producers moving towards a non-vintage model, which allows reserve wines to come into play. This is the new release of Westwell’s Pelegrim, which impressed last time around.

Westwell Pelegrim NV England
This is the new release of this non-vintage traditional-method sparkling which has some reserve wines in the blend, and spends three years on lees. It’s ripe, aromatic and appealing with some baked apple and toast, as well as cherry and pear fruit on the nose. The palate is powerful but has a rounded character with ripe fruit to the fore: pear, cherry and yellow plum. There’s some grapey richness, too. Mellow and rounded and quite lovely. 92/100

UK agent: in Kent, direct, outside of Kent https://www.unchartedwines.com/