Highlights: Mutiliana Ibbola Sangiovese Modigliana 2016 Romagna, Italy

Sangiovese is a singular grape variety. It’s genetic heritage is half southern and half central Italian, and Italy has most of it, with around 70 000 hectares! Argentina is second with 7000 hectares, but it’s not a grape that has travelled well. And I have struggled a bit with it in the past. But this is a special wine: one of the best Sangioveses I’ve tried. It’s from the Mutiliana winery in Romagna. Website: https://www.mutiliana.it/wine.html

Mutiliana Ibbola Sangiovese Modigliana 2016 Romagna, Italy
13.5% alcohol. This is an exceptional Sangiovese that has a lot more fruit than most examples. It’s smooth and luxurious with ripe liqueur-like cherry and berry fruits, some nice texture, and astonishing purity and drinkability. There’s some structure under the fruit, for sure, but it’s just so lovely to have such smoothness, purity and fruit in a Sangiovese. 94/100 (£26 The Sorting Table)

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