Highlights: De Moor Chablis Coteau de Rosette 2018 Bourgogne, France

I’m a big fan of the wines of Alice and Olivier De Moor. They’re based in Chablis, but also make wines from other parts of Bourgogne (including some cracking Aligoté and a very smart Chitry), and even Alsace in the frost hit vintage of 2017. This is from a 1 hectare plot in Courgis that Olivier planted in 1989 on a southeast-facing slope, with soils of pure marl. It’s quite remarkable.

De Moor Chablis Coteau de Rosette 2018 Bourgogne, France
13.5% alcohol. This is beautifully aromatic with some sweet pear and apple notes as well as some flinty mineral character, and notes of honey and spice. The palate is concentrated with a great contrast between the plump baked apple and yellow plum fruit and then the steely lemony acidity, although it’s never harsh – more electric than anything. There’s a really nice texture here with beautiful balance between the ripe fruit and the laser-sharp acidity, giving a sort of sweet and sour effect that works really well. 95/100 (£45 The Sourcing Table – I declare an interest as contributing editor).

A short tasting video:

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