Highlights: two from Flint, an interesting producer in East Anglia, England

Flint are based in East Anglia, and I’ve reviewed them before here. They have just released two small production wines that are really interesting: a barrel-fermented Bacchus and a late release Pinot Noir Précoce. These are available directly from their website.

Flint Vineyard Bacchus Fumé 2020 England
11.5% alcohol. Fermented and aged in neutral oak for 11 months. This is powerful, fresh, exotic and lively. There’s some sweetness to the fruit, which is dominated by elderflower with some green apple and citrus, as well as some grassy hints. Great concentration of flavour with a touch of almond and dried herb, as well as a zippy lemony finish. Really impressive, with the barrel fermentation adding extra layers to the Bacchus character without obscuring it. 92/100

Flint Vineyard Pinot Noir Tardif 2019 England
12% alcohol. This is two barrels of Flint’s Pinot Noir Précoce (Fruhburgunder) that were allowed to age for 20 months (600 bottles made). The oak is old, so it doesn’t add much flavour, which is important when dealing with this variety. It’s an intriguing wine with a sappy, floral cherry fruit nose with a hint of clay. On the palate this is fine, supple and quite elegant with some sweet red cherry fruit, soft tannins and some subtle notes of leafiness, cream, cedar, vanilla and earth, as well as a touch of aniseed. A really refined, elegant wine with delicate red fruits at its core. 91/100