Highlights: Ridgeview Pinot Noir Sparkling Red Reserve NV England

This is the first time I’ve tried a red sparkling wine from the UK, and it’s really good. Inspired by sparkling Shiraz from Australia, where winemaker Simon Roberts met his wife. The core of ripe fruit, with just a touch of oak, makes a good base for the bubbles to play on. This will only be made in the ripest years (this is based on 2020), and 2445 bottles of this debut were released. [Ridgeview made a sparkling Pimlico red back in 2003, so this isn’t their first.]

Ridgeview Pinot Noir Sparkling Red Reserve NV England
12% alcohol. Vibrant cherry red in colour, this has a core of lovely ripe cherry and raspberry fruit with nice purity. The palate is supple and fresh with a hint of green and good acidity, but there are no rough edges here, just pure drinkability and pleasure. Finishes sappy and bright, and there’s also a faint hint of vanilla oak in the mix that adds an extra dimension. An impressive debut release for this wine. 92/100 (£55 direct from Ridgeview)