Video: visiting the Chianti Classico wine region, all four episodes

Four wine friends – John Szabo, Michael Godel, Jamie Goode and Emily Harman – visit the Chianti Classico wine region. This series of short films aims to capture the essence about what makes this region in Tuscany such a dynamic and interesting place for wine production, centred on the Sangiovese grape.

In Part 1, we visit Bindi Sergardi, Fontodi, Felsina and San Felice, before heading to Siena

In episode 2, we visit the high-altitude Lamole sub-region (UGA), then Castello di Volpaia, with Giovanna Stianti. The map dude Alessandro Masnaghetti takes us on a tour of the different Chianti Classico UGAs, and then we visit an exciting new producer: Cigliano di Sopra, with Maddalena Fucile and Matteo Vaccari.

In episode 3, we begin at Castello di Querceto, and then head to Rocca di Montegrossi with Marco Ricasoli. Then a great visit at Badia a Coltibuono with Roberto Stucchi Prinetti. We see all the art installations at Castello di Ama and then finish with a visit to Le Masse, with Robin Mugnaini, and his artist friend Lorenzo Vignoli who is making some interesting terracotta for wine ageing.

In episode 4, we begin at Villa Pomona with Monica Raspi, and then we head to Istine with Angela Fronti. Next it’s a trip to Rignana with Cosimo Gericke, followed by an evening in Firenze. The next visit is with Filippo, Gioia and Sara Cresti at Carpineta Fontalpino, before the final visit of the trip at Principe Corsini (Villa Le Corti) with Duccio Corsini.