Video: side events of Karakterre 13, a natural wine festival held in Burgenland, Austria, May 2024

As part of the Karakterre 2024 festival, along with a group of sommeliers and wine people from the US and Canada I attended a number of side events, and shot short videos in each. Karakterre is a major natural wine festival held each year in Austria and New York.

First, a short film capturing some of the spirit of Karakterre. This fair brings together natural winegrowers from Austria and neighbouring countries, and it has an amazing energy.

Second, we visited the winery of Christian Tschida, for an informal tasting along with pizza. Here’s a film of the event.

Next, a trip to the Wienviertel region to catch up with natty folk there. There was a sommelier-led discussion about whether Austrian wine law is going to identify the best vineyard sites or not, given that natural wines are excluded from putting vineyard on the label, and then a tasting with some winegrowers, including Michael Gindl, Schödl Family, Carmen & Herbert Zillinger, Johannes Zillinger, Fidesser, Katharina Gessl, Katherine Gundolf, Martin Obenaus, Elisabeth Rücker, Schrammel 2.0, Leo Uibel and Quantum.

Then, a group of us visited Gut Oggau for a biodynamic breakfast with friends Meinklang, Heinrich and Rennersistas

And finally, something a bit different: