Gallery: in the Mosel, Germany

For the last couple of days I’ve been in the Mosel, one of the most remarkable wine regions in the world. The steeply sloped vineyards are quite remarkable, even in late December when the vines are a spindly shadow of their growing season selves. This is Riesling country, but my mission this time was to check out the alternative Mosel, of which a story will soon be forthcoming. Here are some pictures of the region.

Daniel Niepoort, of Fio, in the vineyards of Piesport
Looking down to Piesport and the Mosel river
Piesport vineyards
Looking from Urzig to the vineyards of Erden, including the famous Treppchen and Prälat
Bremmer Calmont is Europe’s steepest vineyard, apparently. Maybe the world’s?
Bremmer Calmont
The vineyards are so steep that some of them have these monorail set-ups for growers to take equipment up to their plots, and for ferrying people and grapes. They look terrifying: you come down backwards
A vineyard in Erden: I think this is Prälat
Near Braunberg