A great meal at Mampuku, Bordeaux

Last week in Bordeaux, for one night only. Where to go? Somewhere fancy and French? No. We went to the fabulous Mampuku, which is a fusion restaurant that merges the flavours of Asia and the middle east with some French influences.

Choose 4, 6 or 8

It would easy for this to be a bit formulaic and contrive, but the standard of cooking is very high and the flavours really work. The space works, and the service is good.

You choose four, six, or eight courses from the blackboard of 10 different dishes. There are also three different dessert dishes: we tried them all, along with eight of the regular courses.

The wine list was a nice surprise. It’s truly international, which for Bordeaux is a rare thing. There’s even a Canadian Pinot Nour (Cave Springs from Niagara) on the list, as well as contributions from Greece and California. It’s a really well chosen list. Normally, coming to Bordeaux, I’d drink Bordeaux. But if the menu is fusiony, then why not let the wine list follow?

We began with a grower Champagne and then went for Ostergag Riesling (Alsace), Judith Beck Ink (Austria) and a Bordeaux red. All impressed.

Website: Mampuku, Bordeaux