Video: blending the 2019 vintage of Sal da Terra Albariño, a collab wine

Jamie Goode, Daniel Primack and Ben Henshaw blend the second vintage of Sal da Terra, with winemaker Eulogio Pomares joining remotely. As with the debut 2018 vintage, there are two lots of wine, from two different vineyards, one of which is fermented and aged in concrete, and the other of which spends its time in 1200 litre chestnut barrels. There’s more wine this year, though: Eulogio has added a second chestnut barrel. We taste and discuss what blend we are opting for in 2019. The wine has since been bottled and will be available soon from Indigo Wines in the UK, and European Cellars in the USA.

You can read more about Sal da Terra here.