Highlights: Ganevat J’en Veux Encore, rethinking fine wine

I really love this wine, and the way that it causes us to re-think fine wine. It’s not from a place, or a grape, but rather a combination of both of these, made naturally without added sulfites. And Ganevat don’t even put the vintage on the label or the cork. But despite all these factors, I really think this is a fine wine. It’s not cheap, and you could argue that it’s a simple glou glou wine and should be cheaper. But that’s missing the point. There’s more to it than that.

Anne et Jean François Ganevat J’en Veux Encore!!! NV Vin de France
12% alcohol. I have no idea what is in this wine or the vintage, other than it is the current release. Different grape varieties, different terroirs, wild yeast, no added sulfites. It’s a pale red/pink colour, as if red were blended with white, and has lovely aromas of spice, wild herbs, pepper, lime peel and sweet cherries and wild strawberries. In the mouth this has lovely texture, some freshness and prickle from dissolved carbon dioxide (deliberate, to try to provide protection) and wonderful fruitiness and drinkability. Such an interesting wine: mandarin, apples, cherries, strawberries and white pepper. But drink in one sitting, I reckon. I can’t comment on the label other than to say we are not in the 1980s any more. 94/100 (this cost £55 retail)

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