Video: Coravin’s new Vinitas system for producing small samples that last a year

I caught up with Greg Lambrecht of Coravin to look at the new invention from this most serial of inventors. Here’s Greg introducing the Vinitas, and an excerpt from the press release is below. Full article coming soon.

“Designed for wineries, distributors, retailers, and wine schools, Coravin Vinitas™ is a revolutionary small-footprint device that transfers wine into smaller consumables with up to 12 months of preservation, as tested in-house by Coravin’s engineering team and sommelier advisor, as well as with third-party labs. Coravin Vinitas™ allows businesses an easier and more sustainable method to meet the growing consumer demand to sample before making a purchase – an on-site operation that negates the need for fast consumption, maintains quality control, reduces sample and shipping budgets as well as transport to distant re-bottling facilities.”