Highlights : Filipa Pato & William Wouters Flos Castanea 2022, Bairrada, Portugal

This experimental project was made with the grandson of Vinho Verde biodynamic pioneer Fernando Paiva, of Quinta da Palmirinha. Paiva has been working with natural preservatives instead of using sulphur in his wines. This Bical was destemmed and native skin fermented along with chestnut blossoms over 2 weeks, as it has been shown to act as a preservative (in lieu of sulphur). Post ferment, this was pressed and rested 1 year in cask and amphora. Pouring a light golden hue, this textural wine has a lightly toasted pine nut, wild white honey, wild lemon, white grapefruit and ample tight, limestone buzziness that carries long on the slight, saline palate. A very interesting experiment. 1155 bottles. 92/100

Treve Ring

Treve Ring is a wine writer and editor, judge and speaker, and perpetual traveller. [She is also Correspondent Anorak.]