Highlights: Bodegas Luis Pérez Añina 2016 Spain

I visited Willy Perez a couple of years ago. He’s one of the leading lights of the exciting developments taking place in the Sherry triangle right now. This wine is amazing.

Bodegas Luis Pérez Añina 2016 Spain
15% alcohol. Comes in a 50 cl bottle. This is from the Viña El Caribe vineyard in the Añina Pago, and it’s made by Will Perez. The soil is the Tosca Cerrada albariza. 2016 was a warm vintage, and the result is a wine that defies traditional categories. It’s unfortified, after two days asoleo (drying of grapes on small mats) and then is fermented and aged in barrels for two years. So we have some tangy fino like notes, but also some rich oloroso-like flavours, with a touch of raisin. The nose emphasizes freshness, with nuts and spice, salty lemons, some seaweed and oyster shell, and also peach and quince. In the mouth there’s great concentration and finesse with a lovely salty trail weaving through rich honey, apricot and nut notes, with a lovely contrast between the fresh salty notes and the rich, exotically fruited characters. There’s some grapey richness and a hint of sweetness on the finish, which is more fruit than actual sugar. Quite a profound wine on many levels. 96/100 (UK agent Indigo Wine)

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