Highlights: Frapin Cognac Millesime 30 Years Old 1989

Website: https://www.cognac-frapin.com/en/our-cognacs/1989-2/

Frapin Cognac Millesime 30 Years Old 1989
40.3% alcohol
100% Ugni Blanc located in the western part of Frapin’s vineyards, characterized by a chalky and clay soil and a largely protected crumbly chalky subsoil typical of Grande Champagne region. Aged in Frapin’s humid cellars. Beautiful aromatics of peach, pear, mandarin and almond, with some spicy overtones. The palate is mellow and spicy with a smooth nut and peach core, with complex notes of honey, pear and spice. It’s mouth-filling and intense, with a smooth texture and great depth, finishing with spicy citrus and some lovely woody hints. This is really serious. 9/10 (UK retail £199)

UK availability: https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/63155/frapin-1989-grande-champagne-cognac-30-year-old